Douglas V. Gibbs, a.k.a. Mr. Constitution, has been on AM Radio since August 6, 2011.  He began as a broadcaster on online radio, first for a short moment on Wide Awake Radio in November and December of 2006 (and On Point Radio on BlogTalkRadio from August to November in 2006) as a frequent guest.  He began his online "Political Pistachio Radio" on BlogTalkRadio (BTR) February 24, 2007.  In July of 2007 his future constitution mentor, Tim "Loki" Kerlin, first called into his program, and by the beginning of 2008 Doug was also teaching Constitution Classes.  Andrea Shea King and Doug became friends in 2008, and the longtime veteran of radio broadcasting took Doug under her wing, tutoring him and bringing him on her radio program regularly at that time.  Between "Loki" and A.S.K., Doug was developing into a force to be reckoned with on the air.  During the Summer of 2011 Doug and his friend Bob Kowell sat in for vacationing Rick Amato (who was later also a television host on One America News).  After that, the AM Radio bug had bitten Doug, and he began to search for an AM Radio home.  He premiered on KCAA 1050-AM in San Bernardino, California on August 6, 2011.  After rising to among the top rated locally produced programs on that station, Doug moved Constitution Radio to KMET 1490-AM in Beaumont, California May 2, 2015.  Known for his hard-hitting style, Doug's list of guests includes names like Senator Jim Demint, FreedomWorks President Matt Kibbe, Dick Morris, Martin Luther King's niece Dr. Alveda King, Allen West, S.E. Cupp, Jerome Corsi, Ray Comfort, Orson Scott Card, Alan Keyes, Larry Elder, and many others.  After years of bringing news through the lens of the Constitution on BTR, KCAA, and KMET, Doug has also expanded his radio footprint debuting July 17, 2021 on Salem Media's K-Praise (KPRZ) in San Diego County.  Mr. Constitution Hour on KPRZ is a solo effort without co-hosts or guests, and focuses on discussing the U.S. Constitution through the lens of Christianity.

List of Doug's Radio Programs and Podcasts:

KMET 1490-AM, Constitution Radio, Beaumont, CA

KPRZ 106.1-FM & 1210-AM, Mr. Constitution Hour, San Diego, CA

Scott McKay, Patriot Streetfighter, Weekly Constitution Hour

The Show, BuzzSprout, South Dakota Podcast

Rooted Wings, Instagram Podcast, Constitution Education

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