By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

I was listening to someone, recently, who used to live in Venezuela.  As the leftists in his country began to beat the drums of socialism, he warned them of the devastating impact such a leftward turn may have on their otherwise metropolitan society.  At the time, Venezuela was the wealthiest country in South America, with the strongest, most vibrant, economy south of the United States.  When my friend voiced his warning, the average Venezuelan responded to his warnings, “That can never happen here, we are too advanced of a society.”

As the socialists demanded change, the speaker said he became fearful, and he decided to take action.  While they were protesting in the streets, tearing down statues, and demanding the nationalization of the means of production to protect everything from the big bad corporations, he sold his business, and immigrated to the United States.

Twenty years later, his predictions have come true, Venezuela has a dictator in control, and the people live as if they are in a third world country.

A friend of mine at a Republican Assembly club I am a part of was just a child when the NAZIs began their reign of terror.  In the beginning, she has told me, the Nazis made all kinds of promises.  Better lives, free healthcare, peace and safety.  Resistance was met with violence, and before long there were protests and violent rioters in the streets, agitators lurked around every corner, the statues of Germany’s past were being pulled down, and after that Adolf Hitler, who was voted into power by a people crazed in the moment, sent Germany into a downward spiral that ultimately led to her destruction.

Vladimir Lenin also made a lot of socialist promises of fairness, equity, and punishment against those who have kept the average worker down.  Protests emerged in the streets, and statues were pulled down as Russia’s history was “sanitized,” leading to the Bolshevik Revolution, and after nearly a century of devastating policies, Russia is still feeling the sting from their experiment with socialism to this day.  The reign of communism killed hundreds of millions through starvation, and execution, simply because a minority of agitators who screamed “down with capitalism” got their way, and the Russian people stood idly by as the radicals destroyed their country not only for that generation, but for many generations to come.

The Roman Republic was at a crossroads, where agitators in the name of change took to the streets as the consuls put into place policies of government benefits and massive government subsidies.  Clodius used violent mobs in the streets to push his demand for change, and as the birth of Christ approached, the glory of the Roman Republic and the liberty that being a part of that society offered, gave way to a long succession of Caesars who ruled the emerging totalitarian empire with an iron fist, toppling statues and rewriting Rome’s history as they sought to banish those who they believed to be internal enemies of the state.  Cicero wrote about much of what happened, sorrowful as his beloved Roman Republic fell to the mobs, and changed into a grand empire where the powerful ruled over everyone else, and an equity was achieved in the lower classes; equality in misery, and the impossibility to get out of such a position through hard work and an entrepreneurial spirit … something that had existed in the old republic, but for Rome became something that was lost forever.

American revolutionary and future president John Adams in 1775 wrote to his wife, Abigail, “Liberty once lost is lost forever.”

The United States of America, after nearly 250 years of liberty, and economic prosperity, has reached a crossroads.  The direction of America, and the world, is about to take a very nasty leftwing turn.  And, if you listen closely, it is nothing new.  Today’s progressives, be they the politicians, journalists, academics, or protesters in the streets, are saying the same thing the Nazis said, the same thing the communists said, and the same thing every other dictator and purveyor of tyranny has said during the 20th Century, and to be frank, throughout history.  Except, now, this time, the last bastion of liberty is at risk.  America is on the verge of losing her liberty, and chasing a path that has led every other civilization that has followed such politics to a countdown to extinction.

In all honesty, we may very well be on the verge of the next great dark age like the one experienced after the fall of the Roman Empire.  With a fallen America, however, that dark age may be even more severe with the number of deaths resulting from it in the billions.

The free market and laws based on the concept of liberty and individualism is what has made the United States prosperous and free.  The bottom 10% in America, when it comes to being a particular economic class, is more financially stable, and in a word, “richer,” than over 70% of the rest of the world’s population.  So, the “destroy the system so we can make our own more equitable system” crowd is essentially trying to break what isn’t broken.  Is it perfect?  Of course not.  Sometimes, flaws reveal themselves, and as reasonable Americans, when we recognize those flaws, we try to work to change them.

“But,” a leftist said to me recently, “the old, outdated constitution you love so much has failed us.”

“No,” I responded, “our failure to follow it has failed us.  As for it being old and outdated, the concept of American Liberty is a very new idea, and is much younger and newer than that of dictatorships, socialism, and central command and control policies.

In History, the Nazis, the communists, and all other tyrants have followed the same recipe for their seizure of power.  With a fear of sounding repetitive, let’s go over a few historical situations, and see how many share characteristics with today’s Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and Progressive Democrat schemes and tactics.

Rome: Prior to the birth of Christ, as the republic was falling apart, and a long succession of tyrannical Caesars were about to take over, a leader in the Senate, Publius Clodius Pulcher, used street violence to fill the public with fear and chaos so as to better integrate his tyrannical measures into place.  They used the idealistic youth as their primary foot soldiers for the change.

Greece: Alexander the Great, after taking the throne following the assassination of Philip, targeted all non-Greeks and dissenters, either slaughtering them, or forcing them to work so as to pay reparations to Greece for their sins, and the sins of their ancestors.  Some settlements were slaughtered outright for refusing to abide by his big government control.  Street violence was used to keep the population in fear until Alexander had a firm hold of the empire.  The youth were the primary foot soldiers who carried out Alexander the Great’s orders.

France: The revolutionaries decided they had enough of the evil marriage between a dictatorial monarchy and a power-driven state church, so they turned their back on individualism and God in their French Revolution, using instead tactics of street violence, the pulling down of any statues that reminded them of the old regime, a change of the language, and the slaughter of those who they felt were in power in the old regime, or were staunch supporters of the old government.  What followed was years of terror and bloodshed, only to be followed by a succession of tyrannical dictators, and tyrannical government.  It was a young generation tired of the old system who carried out the chaos.

Russia: Change was the mantra, and a destruction of everything that had anything to do with the old system was destroyed.  Certain groups were blamed for Russia’s woes, including the corporations, the rich and even the middle class, while private ownership of anything was being eliminated.  Street violence, while minimal, kept the population at bay, as only 3,000 Bolsheviks took over the Russian Government and established a new Soviet socialist system.  The violence, and death, then followed in ways that nobody saw coming, with hundreds of millions dead, books burned, statues toppled, and even certain words were outlawed.  The media fell under control of the communists so that they could spew the party line.  What followed was nearly of century of communist terror, where travel was restricted, and totalitarian control ruled the day.  Equity, however, among the lowest classes was reached; equity in misery.  The youth were the primary members of the Bolsheviks, young and idealistic, as they called for change from the old system.

China:  In the name of change, protests emerged, changing to rioting, until the communists seized control, killing millions as they eliminated the free market, took control of the media, toppled statues, and did everything to erase the history they didn’t agree with.  The totalitarians of the communist party have ruled ever since, killing liberty, and are even now, at this moment, doing what they can to force their reign of terror upon the people of Hong Kong … all in the name of socialism, and equity.  The youth were the revolutionaries, and the older generation was too complacent to stop it.

Islam:  Where Islam has used its violence to take over, it all begins with agitation, violence in the streets, the toppling of statues and the destruction of anything else that reminds the people of anything other than Islam.  Muslim militants create chaos, lawlessness, a breakdown of the rule of law, control over the media and other mediums of communication, and the death of all who disagree with their reign of terror.  Islam teaches their evil ideology to their population from birth, often using the young to keep it in place, and to serve as the foot soldiers and terrorists as they seek to spread their empire across the world.

Germany: Change was called for with street violence, books burned, statues were toppled, the language was altered, and enemies were established.  Anything that reminded the public of the old system was destroyed, history was rewritten, and a socialist system was put into place that did not necessarily have the state owning the means of production, but a system that strangled the means of production with heavy regulations and taxes meant to punish the rich and the huge corporations.  Through the violence, Adolf Hitler was voted into office, and what followed was one of the bloodiest periods in world history.  The youth was the primary target, with programs like the Hitler Youth, to maintain and execute the revolution.  As Hitler was said, “Who are you?  You will pass away, and the youth already stand in the new camp.”

Cuba: The protests calling for change became riots, books were burned, statues were toppled, and history was altered or erased.  As the Castro regime took power, enemies were executed, including anyone who worked for the old government.  People fled as the government killed the free market and took over the means of production.  What followed was widespread poverty, death, and an equity in misery after a revolution conducted through the younger generation.

Cambodia: The Khmer Rouge killed so many people that the landscape became known as the “killing fields”.  Protests led to riots, and the violence never stopped.  Statues were toppled, history was erased, and books from the old era were burned.  Equity was achieved by forcing the citizens to become mindless workers for the state, animals whose primary goal must only be to serve their community.  Criticism of the new system was not tolerated, and resulted in punishment, or death.  The terror left the country devastatingly poor, with the dead piling up both from hunger, and from execution.

Venezuela: Once the wealthiest free market country in South America, when socialism came to Venezuela it was with protests and demands for change.  The protesters eventually became rioters, they toppled statues, burned books, and did everything they could do to erase Venezuela’s “capitalist history.”  As the final words of “it’ll never happen here” left the lips of the citizens, Venezuela plunged into misery, where even toilet paper became a luxury item.  Starvation killed citizens on a regular basis, as dissenters were killed for daring to stand against the regime.  The youth were the primary agitators when the revolution for change began, trained up by the socialists through their influences in the schools and information networks.

United States of America: The wealthiest country in the world for over a century, and the only place liberty of its kind has ever existed.  The crossroads in our history is being approached with a cry for change.  Protests have become riots, as statues are being toppled, books burned, the language changed, and anyone criticizing the groups calling for change have been dangerously targeted not only by the agitators, but by a complicit media.  In America, an enemy had to be found and blamed, and the enemies of choice have been private business owners, anyone who is wealthy as a result of our free market economy, and white people (in the name of racism).  The agitators are primarily the younger generation, fresh off of their indoctrination by our public schools and academia, as they were also flooded with socialist propaganda through information networks, the media, entertainment industry, and community leaders who have been whispering in their ears “revolution” for the majority of their lives.

Now, we must ask, “Do we take the next step as the other cultures did, and commit suicide as a society, or do we stand up and stop this garbage.

A friend of mine recently accused me of not being firm enough in my warnings.  He is convinced that the war in the streets for America’s soul is inevitable, and will occur in the next few months; and if we are not dropping all of the trappings of living life, pulling out our firearms, and preparing for the war, those who don’t get ready will die and the blood will be on the hands of the people who knew it was coming and didn’t convince people to mobilize.

I agree that the possibility (not the inevitability, as my friend suggests) of blood in the streets beyond the borders of the current city zones exists.  I agree with him that if we are not ready for what may be coming next, we could lose our constitutional republic.  I agree that the rioters are Marxists, and the garbage we are experiencing has nothing to do with racism or a coronavirus, and everything to do with overthrowing the United States Constitution.  I agree that we “may” see the leftists in the streets carrying their violence into the suburbs, bombing major buildings as the weather underground had planned in 1970, and perhaps even assassinating key figures.  But, I do not believe it is definite.  I believe it is possible.  And, I believe we still have the means to head it off at the pass if we stand firm in whatever way we can, and utilize the tools at hand, which may include using the Republican Party apparatus, or Trump’s utilization of federal tools that are constitutionally available to him.

I do not believe in prophesying when it comes to this stuff.  I am not going to say that you must drop feeding your pets, taking care of your kids, and preparing dinner so that you can make sure your powder is dry.  People still have to live their lives.  But, that said, the stark reality is that if the feces hits the rotating blades, none of that will matter, anymore.  I am not a conspiracy theorist, I am not a militant militia man, I am not a harbinger of doom, but I know what I see, and I know that, while I don’t know if it will happen for sure, and I am not going to necessarily go out there, yet, to join a militia or a neighborhood gun club with watches in play every hour on the hour, I am going to operate with my stuff being in order, and my defenses being at the ready.  That doesn’t make me a prepper or a survivalist, necessarily, but it does say that I recognize that while I don’t think it is inevitable, I do believe we must be ready in case this does go beyond what it has been and spills into our lives as the leftists work to turn us into one of those historical examples I gave you, above.

Live your life, go to work if you are working, take care of your life in the form that it is right now, work to restore our constitutional republic by traditional means, rallies, and meetings, but, at the same time, be sure to keep your powder dry … just in case.

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