By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

As the evening progresses, it is becoming apparent that while a red wave may have washed over the U.S. Senate, giving the Republican Party a greater lead in that House of Congress, the House of Representatives is beginning to look more and more like it will wind up in the hands of the Democrats.

Scary …

But, perhaps that is exactly what we need.

Carter gave us Reagan.  Obama gave us Trump.  Perhaps the return of Pelosi will give us a Red Wave in the future.

Think about it.  The 2020 Election may now be even more secure for President Trump.  The Democrats will go nuts in the House, obstruct, attack, and act even crazier, sending the House right back into the GOP’s hands in a couple years after the disgust of their actions finally reminds the voters of how hard left the Democrats have truly become.

In short, tonight we have a half red wave, and a half blue wave, with a Red Tsunami coming in 2020.

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