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President Trump sat down with journalist Sharyl Attkisson, a former CBS correspondent who escaped the grips of the leftwing media and began reporting truth about the Obama regime during the last administration, and in the interview with the current President the subject of the anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine came up.  The President said he had just finished a two-week course of the drug, for preventative reasons, after learning that two White House staffers were diagnosed as having the coronavirus.  Trump, in an attempt to dispel the negative reporting about the drug in the liberal media said, “I’m still here, to the best of my knowledge.”

Trump also told the press about his hydroxychloroquine regiment in a press conference earlier last week when he was about a week and a half into it.

The liberal media went nuts.  Greg Gutfeld on Fox News played a nice montage of their insanity on his program, Saturday, May 23, after playing the press conference clip of Trump admitting to taking the anti-malaria drug last Monday to a full room of members of the press.

Gutfeld then goes on to explain that the drug was “prescribed to him by a White House doctor.”

As Gutfeld also points out, we have a President of the United States that pretty much tells us everything.  That’s the kind of guy he is.  But, as I stated earlier, the media went nuts over it.

Here’s a transcript of Gutfeld’s presented montage:

Anderson Cooper, CNN: “The President of the United States said today he is taking drug to prevent coronavirus that the FDA warns is dangerous, and study after study now shows useless against the virus.” 

Don Lemon, CNN: “He is taking an unproven drug that medical experts warn can have harmful side effects.  This is really deadly serious, it is quite dangerous.” 

Chris Cuomo, CNN: “Why does he bring up this hydroxychloroquine?  I don’t even know that he’s really taking it, by the way.”

A week ago I got into an argument about the coronavirus and President Trump with one of my sisters-in-law (she said he isn’t everyone’s president, he only cares for a part of the population), who after parroting the talking points from CNN to me, and then after I gave her facts in rebuttal, said to me, “Where did you get that?  From republican blogs?  Those aren’t reliable.”

She then told me I was lying when I mentioned ABC News being a source regarding anti-body studies (of which she had heard nothing about).  Then, when I mentioned the Washington Post as being the first source stating that a very high percentage of coronavirus cases are asymptomatic, she didn’t know who I was talking about.  Based on what she said overall in the conversation, I surmised her only source of news is CNN, and perhaps an occasional listen to NPR.  You know, because they are so reliable as news sources.

Yet, here we have three CNN hosts attacking Trump over hydroxychloroquine, and lying in the process.

So much for them being a reliable source.

Gutfeld followed up the montage by saying, “He took a reliable drug under the best supervision that’s been around a half century.”

After hearing about Chris Cuomo’s mocking of President Trump, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany said in a press conference, “Cuomo mocked the President for this.  Interestingly, I found this out just before coming here.  Hydroxychloroquine is an FDA approved medication with a long proven track record for safety, and it turns out that Chris Cuomo took a less safe version of it called quinine which the FDA removed from the market in 2006 because of its serious side effects, including death.  So, really interesting to have that criticism of the President.”

Gutfeld on his program, after playing the video bit of Kayleigh McEnany setting the liberal media straight (but they never admit when they are wrong, so don’t hold your breath), then pointed out Cuomo’s long list of coronavirus hypocrisy.

He then reminds us that CNN is simply “dudes doing commentary as news.”

Gutfeld follows that up with a video of Wolf Blitzer on CNN with Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel complaining about the President not wearing a mask in the northern Great Lakes State when he visited.  Blitzer asks if the President is “no longer welcome in Michigan”.  Nessel responds like a good little hard left puppet, “Well, I will say, speaking on behalf of my department and my office, ‘that’s right’.  The President is like a petulant child who refuses to follow the rules, he is a ridiculous person, and I am ashamed to have him be President of the United States of America.  And, I hope that the voters of Michigan will remember this, back, mmmm, when November comes that he didn’t care enough about their safety, he didn’t care enough about their welfare.”

This, over a minor virus with a mortality rate lower than your chance to be struck by lightning, and the Democrats are simply trying to destroy America with their stay at home authoritarian and unconstitutional dictates that turn out to be, well, against science.

Here’s some headlines:

Dr. Drew: Governors pushing continue lockdowns ‘not following the science’

Nobel Prize Winning Scientist Explains Why COVID Lockdowns May Have Cost More Lives Than Saved

J.P. Morgan Study: COVID Lockdowns ineffective; Millions of Livelihoods Being Destroyed for Nothing

Then, let’s go back a little bit in the Gutfeld broadcast for another video tidbit:

Ron DeSantis, Republican Florida Governor last Wednesday, “Got a lot of people in your profession who waxed poetically for weeks and weeks how Florida was going to be just like New York.  Wait two weeks, Florida is going to be next.  Just like Italy, wait two weeks.  Well, hell, we’re eight weeks away from that, and it hasn’t happened.”

The media is lying…especially CNN.

I haven’t worn a face mask for many weeks, and overall, perhaps half a dozen times.  Here in Southern California I am surprised I haven’t been fined for it…yet.  Why do I not wear a mask?  Because I am paying attention to the numbers.  The liberal left is lying.  States are opening up, and all hell hasn’t broken loose.  They are lying about the number of deaths, they are lying about the mortality rate, and they are lying when they say their communist stay at home strategy is working.  Arizona is one of the States that has essentially opened up, and so this weekend my wife and I went to dinner in Yuma (three hour drive from home) last night, went to see the ghost town there this morning (two people had masks on there), then went out and had a nice steak and shrimp lunch before driving back.

It was nice.

So, why are the lefties refusing to reopen, and attacking Trump and anyone else talking about it?  Because they are authoritarians who, as Tyrus on Gutfeld’s program reminded us, want to treat everyone like children.

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