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I have a friend who died because he was denied a Kidney transplant because he refused to be vaccinated with the COVID inoculation.

If YouTube kills the below video, watch it here on Rumble, too.

✒ I am unvaccinated.
✒ I never wore a mask except five times in March of 2020, but the mask caused me to have vertigo.  When I went to the Veteran’s Administration to have them figure out why I couldn’t wear a mask, they would not see me unless I was wearing a mask.
✒ I may possibly have had COVID December 2020 because I got sick and it check-marked some of the boxes for COVID, but I probably just had the flu.
✒ Otherwise, I never got COVID.
✒ My mother-in-law and sisters-in-law all got vaccinated and received all of the boosters and wore masks constantly (some of them still do), and they all have had COVID at least three times.
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