By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

The Democrats desperately want you to believe that
gun-owning, gun-toting conservatives are dangerous, violent, and only want
their gun rights protected because they are racists who wish to kill anyone who
doesn’t agree with them.  In 2009 a smattering
of lefty commentators and politicians portrayed the Tea Party rallies as
gatherings of violent protestors driven by racist rage against President Barack
It didn’t work.
Now, the same tactics are in play in Virginia.  The mainstream media’s coverage of pro-Second
Amendment protests that took place in Richmond, Virginia reminded me of their
coverage of the Tea Party protests and rallies.
The Virginia rally was a response to the gun control
policies of Governor Ralph Northam and Virginia’s lately bright blue legislature.  Northam, participating in the hysteria, called
for a “state of emergency” in response to the protest, and numerous media
outlets predicted it would be marked by “hate” and violence, and overall would
be a menacing and sordid affair.
But, no violence took place, and it appears that only one
person was arrested for violating an anti-mask prohibition put in place by the
governor.  There were no lawbreakers, no
white supremacists, and the grounds were cleaned up by the rally-goers, leaving
the site cleaner than before they had arrived.
Pretty impressive, given that the crowd reached an estimated
size of over 20,000 on a very cold day.
The media spent days calling it a white supremacist rally,
since three white supremacists, one of whom is an illegal alien from Canada,
threatened to crash the party.  The media
predicted violence at the rally because, you know, how could there not be with
all of those dangerous guns all over the place. 
Yet, the media was quick not to report that the rally was peaceful, and
that the white supremacists were nowhere to be seen.

Good going, Virginia, you once again showed the liberal left the class and level of responsibility gun owners are really all about.

On a side note, thanks to the leftist attack on Virginia, I predict in 2020 the State will not only vote for Trump, but will swing their legislature way back over to the Republican column.

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