By Alex Ferguson
      Everybody knows about Pavlov and his hungry dog.  Why not? 
Ivan Petrovich Pavlov was one of the few scientists of his era who
became famous within his own lifetime. 
He received the Nobel Prize in 1904 (in physiology or medicine) and
published his book Conditioned Reflexes in 1927.  Presumably, since 1927, he and his minions went
on to further breakthroughs in conditioned response, but we never hear about any
of them.  Perhaps the reason for these
apparent redactions can be found in his “affiliation at the time of the award:
Military Medical Academy, St. Petersburg.”
      Could it be that Ivan and his disciples spent
those decades weaponizing conditioned responses as an insidious form of
psychological warfare?  Is the western “peace
movement” the natural result of systematic “brain washing”?  Could “Mass Hysteria” explain the gelding of
our societal elites?
      Let’s be logical.  The 20th Century can be
characterized as a hundred years of deadly competition between two
diametrically opposed politico/economic systems: Communist Dictatorship and Free-Enterprise. 
      Free-Enterprise, if done properly,
produces two phenomena which are especially relevant to our present discussion:
Freedom and Prosperity.  Now, humanity
has dreamt of such a system for hundreds of thousands of years (give or take),
but never before in history has this twin goal been realized.
      The Founding Fathers who wrote and
honored the United States Constitution gave the world its first example of such
an ideal society.  “Ideal” is not the
same as “perfect.”  Drug addicts, the
criminally inclined, and the mentally ill may act badly, but our public and
private agencies have been tripping all over each other for two hundred and
forty some odd years in their efforts to provide remedies for these anomalies.   No other society on earth delivers justice
so even-handedly.  Compared to other
nations, America is an earthly paradise, which is why people of every color and
creed are risking life and limb to penetrate our boarders and take up residence
in our republic.
      Our poorest residents have cell phones
and color TVs.  Emergency Rooms may not
turn away the sick, no matter their ability to pay.  Every child (citizen or non-citizen) receives
a free education through twelfth grade. Truly, ours is the society that mankind
has been dreaming of since we first stood up on our hind legs, and yet there
are those among us who prefer the allurements of the Communist nightmare.
      If America is the best and greatest
nation ever, Russia is (or was ) the worst. 
She set the standard for torturing, starving and murdering her own
citizens.  Many of those that she didn’t
kill outright got a free trip to the Gulag, where they were worked and starved to
death in sub-zero temperatures.
      The Red Army was Hitler’s ally in 1939 when,
under the Hitler/Stalin Nonaggression Pact, the two divided Poland between them
and started WWII.  The Russians then
rewarded their erstwhile German partners in 1945 by raping every female in
Berlin over the age of 9 or 10.
      It’s uncommonly difficult to be more evil
than Nazi Germany, but Soviet Russia succeeded in spades.  For instance, Soviet Russia invented the
death camps for which Nazi Germany became so justifiably infamous.  Worse yet, not only has Communism never
produced prosperity, but, during just ¾ of the 20th century, Marxist
governments murdered more than 100 million innocent human beings.
      That simple statistic should end the
debate in favor of free enterprise forever and always, but the fact that a
significant portion of the American electorate is smitten with Marxism-Leninism
is the strongest proof possible that Pavlov found his way to humanity’s
“submission switch.”  We’re talking about
the “Stockholm Syndrome” here, wherein victims of terror come to identify with
and support the goals and values of their tormentors. 
      We, like the dog, are pack animals, and
pack animals are especially susceptible to behavior modification.
      For instance, just this week Russia
showed her disdain for our sanctions by buzzing one each of our ships and airplanes
in some extremely hazardous maneuvers. 
These attacks were coordinated with Iran’s blowing up two western oil
tankers and shooting down an unarmed American drone.  This is classic “psy-war.”  It is calculated intimidation designed to
castrate the world’s last super-power.  It is textbook asymmetric warfare, and it is
very, very effective.

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