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I once heard a quote by Josef Stalin that went something like “It’s not who votes that counts, but who counts the votes.”  I looked it up and there is a lot of debate over whether or not Stalin, or any other communist, actually said it, but whether it’s a true Soviet quote or not, it definitely fits in with what the hard left ideology of communism is all about.

The American System is all about liberty.  If American Liberty is absent, the only thing left to fill the void is something less than liberty.  So, if we appreciate our liberty, you know, because some politicians say they have something better, understand that unless it’s more liberty, meaning less government in our lives, it’s a move towards tyranny.
Who would want to move towards tyranny?
The battle between liberty and tyranny is nothing new.  I think the purveyors of tyranny don’t realize that what they support is tyranny.  I believe that deep down they actually think that the evil they do is a good thing.  Their reprobate minds have given in to despotism.  Their minds are lost, blinded, and fully convinced that the rule of law based on a godly foundation is evil, and that the rule of man where a ruling elite controls every aspect of a person’s life is good for the “common good” and the “good of the community”.
Of course, I am not saying the community is not important.  We reside in the community.  As individuals it is a good thing to be involved in the community, and take personal voluntary actions to make our community better.  But, as history has shown, the best way to improve a community is to improve ourselves.  It is better for the whole when an individual, incentivized by making a better life for themselves, becomes successful.  As a success they provide more production, and practice more consumerism.  In some cases, if they are a business owner, they also produce jobs, and innovate in such a way that either more product is available, or a variety of products that may not have been available before are available for purchase and consumption.
We must remember that consumption without production eventually drains the pool of products.  That’s why supply-side economics in a free market is so important.  While consumption is a key component, production must take the lead.
As an avid reader, aside from reading history and non-fiction political materials, I have always enjoyed science fiction.  Among my favorite sci-fi books have been dystopian novels.  The stories push the human condition to the brink, forcing the characters to make tough decisions in a difficult environment.  However, not only do those stories make for good entertainment for the reader, but they often also give us a glimpse into the possible future that may await us if we allow the purveyors of tyranny to grab hold of our system of liberty.
I read Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 as a teenager.  The opening paragraphs immediately became the most magical start of a book I had ever read.  Guy Montag’s proclamation that he loved to burn with the orange flames and the flapping pages of the books he ignited is an incredible way to introduce us to a fireman that never considered that there was a point in history in which firemen actually put out fires.  It is a story about erasing history, and rewriting it on the pages of government pamphlets and on the screens of technology.  Tyranny through mind control, and reshaping what we know and how we believe.  I sort of understood the implications when I first read the book as a child, but now the reality of what Ray Bradbury was presenting is monumental to say the least.  It was a good story with an interesting twist on what could happen in the future, but I was not in tune with politics enough to realize how truly possible such a future, and such a past in some countries, could actually be.  Now, with the hard left progressives rewriting history in the textbooks, through the media and entertainment industry, and through sinister organizations like “Black Lives Matter,” which has nothing to do with racism and everything to do with Cultural Marxism, the message of Bradbury’s 451 is resoundingly clear.

My reading of Orwell’s Animal Farm and the classic dystopian “1984” came later.  At the time, 1984 was still technically in the future, the clock was ticking and the year that also coincided with me reaching adulthood was rapidly approaching.  Again, while I had a basic idea of the truth I was exposing myself to, I truly didn’t understand it in the way I do now.  
Even back then I was interested in politics, was an avid reader of history, and I was an ardent student of the U.S. Constitution.  As a person familiar with the repeating cycles of history’s lessons of human nature I knew of the basic evil that is associated with socialism, collectivism, and secularistic interpretations of the rule of law in the name of good intentions.  My focus was not as good as it is now, but it was beginning to become much clearer with each passing year.  With my studies of the U.S. Constitution, and what I read about the societies in those science fiction books, I was realizing that what might be in the future was a far cry from the liberty I had known as a citizen of the United States, and a student of our founding documents.  One thing I did realize way back then is that these books were not intended to be instruction manuals on how to run a society.  They were warnings.
In Fahrenheit 451 the basic premise is that tyranny must erase the past to get you to accept an authoritarian system.  In the case of 451, that meant that all books must be illegal, and burned into non-existence if they are discovered to exist.  As the old saying goes, those who control the past control the future.  Those who control the future control the present.  Interestingly, the books burned in the HBO version of 451 are largely Marxist writings, but that’s a discussion for another time.
In general, no matter who the tyranny is, the plan is to first of all prove that the current system is not working, that it is flawed and broken, and then either erase or change any history that does not fit the narrative.  If the current system is fine, why would anyone be willing to embrace change?
Orwell’s 1984 does the same thing, rewriting the past as necessary, and even controlling the language and confusing the citizens with newspeak.  Orwell’s Animal Farm then provides a fantastic allegory explaining how communism infiltrates, disrupts, and takes over.  One could definitely find parallels to what is going on today in the United States under the Biden administration.
I remember when Kennedy Democrats didn’t trust the communists, and the modern Democrats claimed Big Pharma was the enemy and big corporate regimes could not be trusted. Now, they work with the Chinese communists, trust big tech to censor for them in the name of fighting against misinformation, and they trust the arm jabs being provided by Big Pharma … and they are doing it through collusion between government and the corporations; a combination in history that always equals tyranny, and a collusion that at one time they claimed to be against.
One of the keys to control society is to control the narrative, and to silence all opposition.  It amazes me that they cannot see that that is exactly what they are doing.  The whole of society somehow does not recognize the tyranny they are pushing, and we have even gotten to the point that we cannot even operate in a reasonable manner, anymore.  It’s almost as if common sense is dead, and chaos and stupidity are now the accepted and normal mode of operation.
In the last year or so the evil has emerged in ways we may not have seen coming.  Between widespread election fraud, the rise of a ruling class nobility that ignores the crimes of their own members (and the children of the nobility, such as the crimes of Hunter Biden and how that’s being swept under the rug), and even a nobility that claims they are members of a “divine” group of leaders, and that their arm jab comes from God; they are performing a whole host of ways to suspend individual liberty in the name of community safety in the face of a pandemic and climate change.  The tyranny of good intentions has been throttling forward without as much as a hiccup of opposition.  And what opposition has emerged, those voices are rapidly silenced as being the radical rantings of conspiracy theorists and misinformation agents of propaganda.
The enemy has infiltrated all of the institutions necessary to move America towards tyranny.  They have full control of academia full of teachers willing to break the law to make sure the cultural Marxism message of critical race theory remains in place (from kindergarten all the way up to post-graduate education), the media, the entertainment industry, the federal courts, bureaucracy (of which we have come to recognize as being the “deep state”), and now even the halls of government (from school boards and city councils all the way up to Capitol Hill).
They have control of key positions, and they have dumbed down the public to the point where much of society is incapable of fighting back, much less realizing the takeover of our liberty is even in process.  Then, they have worked with our traditional communist enemies to create chaos in America.
While the liberal progressive leftist commies perform insurrection against our Constitution, they have even gone so far as to falsely accuse anyone and everyone who stands against them of being white supremacist insurrectionists; which, according to them, validates their actions making them not tyrannical according, but instead necessary steps to contain an ideological enemy.
They have herded us into easy to control groups, and then have proclaimed that we have brainwashed some members of the younger generation…but don’t worry, teachers are there to reprogram our kids.
Not only has the Democrats, with the help of international globalists and comradery with the Chinese communists, stolen a presidential election, they’ve even stolen a recall election of a State governor (Gavin Newsom, California), and they did it in plain site.  They have nothing to fear.  They own all of the institutions.  In their arrogance they are convinced there is nothing you can do about their power grab, so they don’t even hide their actions anymore.  Unfortunately, when it comes to most Americans, they are completely correct.  People don’t notice, and people are so sold on their tyranny that they are blind to the truth.
They orchestrated a fake insurrection, blamed it on their opposition, and now anyone near the capitol on January 6, 2021 has been labeled an insurrectionist.  Habeas Corpus has been suspended in violation of Article I, Section 9 of the U.S. Constitution, and hundreds of Americans are being held without due process (violation of Amendment V, as well) over the situation.  And in places like Australia they’ve even gotten to the point of using law enforcement against people who might be considered as persons who may protest in the future (talk about Orwellian thought police).  The innocent has been made into criminals, and criminals are being assisted through lighter sentences, and elimination of bail.  Going all the way back to 2016 we are discovering that even their people who are supposed to embrace the law and defend it are criminals.
They seek to tax you, and control the monetary system by making it purely electronic, so that you can be controlled from cradle to grave.  Their policies has crime going sky-high, the murder of the innocent through abortion defended unconstitutionally by the federal government…a practice which also includes ungodly experiments like placing the heads of aborted babies on animal bodies, they have been making false claims that border protection has gone to an extreme in line with the whips of slavery, and our colleges practice segregation against whites because of the alleged claim of the existence of white privilege.  In the public square, and in the name of vaccination, we have created two classes, and the unvaccinated are being attacked (even by family members) in ways that includes an FDA official saying they ought to be vaccinated with blow darts, that a registry of the unvaccinated ought to be established, and that if they continue to refuse the orders of government to take the jab they need to be herded together someplace like Texas, separated (segregated) from the rest of society until they learn to be good obedient followers of government mandates.  There have even been calls by some lefties for government to round up and shoot Republicans for daring to disagree with them politically, or to use explosives to blow things up for political reasons.  As for the “vaccine”, never mind all of the warnings about the shot in the arm that reveals how dangerous it truly is, especially when it comes to autopsies showing how the “spike proteins” created by the shot in the arm ravages the human body in a very bad way.  Big Tech, of course, is doing all they can to censor such anti-government rantings by “anti-vaxxers”, you know, because if you were exposed to another opinion you might actually question the government’s methods of coercion regarding the “vaccine”…even though the FDA even admits problems regarding COVID tests and jabs (you know, like the increase of heart attacks with the jab going up “71 times” the norm).  In Italy they’ve gone so far as to pass a law saying that the unvaccinated can’t be paid for their labors by their employers.  Oh, and your plasma is no good when you give blood, either, if you’ve been vaccinated.  But, it’s a pandemic.  We know so because of the full hospitals…except, that’s been exaggerated, too.  One study found that 40-45% of coronavirus hospitalizations have actually been due to other causes, but got counted as COVID cases.
We have gone insane, and the real radicals are purveyors of a dystopia that is ungodly, sinister, and of the stuff science fiction writers used to only imagine.
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