By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host
I keep hearing folks say that today’s democrat party is not your grandparent’s party of Kennedy and Roosevelt.  I believe it is, but back then the crazies were the hidden fringe, or really good at keeping their mouth shut about their Marxist tendencies.  Today, they’ve bubbled to the top like scum on the top of a pond, and encouraged the rest of the socialists to chime in in an overwhelming orchestra of hard left policies and future wishes.  Let’s go over what today’s democrat party stands for:

Child Sacrifice:  I don’t know what else to call abortion, especially now that they’ve gone so far as to okay abortion during any time during a pregnancy, including full-term.  Abortion has become such a radical issue for the liberal left that recently the first physician in fifty years to lead Planned Parenthood as president was removed from her position because of her desire to move the organization’s political focus away from abortion, and towards health services.  As a number of States work to ban abortion, or at least late term abortion, the liberal left forces of the Democrat Party and their allies are working hard to stop them.  I’ve always been stunned that anyone in their right mind could consider a baby still in the womb as being anything less than a person.  Be aware, it won’t stop there.  While still a very small minority, there are Democrats who have voiced that they believe in infanticide (allowing an abortion survivor to die on the table), and even worse, post-birth abortion, giving a woman the legal allowance to kill her baby up to the age of two years old.

Police State Authoritarianism: As the Democrat Party moves closer and closer to full-blown socialism, I’ve been told by the more vocal Democrats in my geographic area that socialism is not statist or authoritarian.  A history professor told me it’s “a peaceful transition to the social ownership of the means of production where everyone works for a common goal on equal footing.”  I responded by saying that the authoritarianism that always accompanies socialism may not be intended, but is a natural consequence because of the “everyone must be equal” nature of it.  The moment someone strives for more, or works harder than everyone else with the expectation of receiving more for his increased labor, that person is pushed down by force and is not allowed to succeed in the manner he may wish to.  However, we don’t have to wait for that to happen to see the police state authoritarian side of the Democrat Party.  They’ve already given us sneak peeks into the reality of what they are all about.  From bans on sugary drinks to the violence by Antifa, the Democrats have revealed their “do it our way or else” attitude.  However, the police state authoritarianism side of the Democrats revealed itself loudest recently in Oregon when the Democrat Governor of the State, Kate Brown, sent state troopers after State Senate Republicans for refusing to show up to make sure there is a quorum for a cap and trade vote. State Senator Brian Boquist, a military veteran, took a hard-core stance and vowed to fight back if the state police tried to arrest him. He said, I am “not going to be arrested as a political prisoner in Oregon period.”  In response, he was accused of being a threat, “creating an unsafe work environment”, and could be punished or banned for not dropping to his knees in reverence to the governor when she sent out the state troopers.

Fake Science: Science is a political weapon in the hands of the Democrats, and they will wield it to ridiculous heights if necessary.  It began with their decision that the “theory” of evolution must be taught as fact, despite a lack of evidence, no explanation for the Cambrian Explosion, and silence when it comes to the concept of how it all originally began from nothing.  Now, they have abandoned biology with their pro-transsexual agenda, and real climate science with their man-made climate change hoax.  Why?  Because taking those anti-science stances best fits their political desires at the moment.  In short, they use fake science and unsubstantiated claims, put it in a mixer with false models and dubious theorizations, and then call it science.  When right-minded people recognize it for the false message the fake science is producing, the Democrats then call their opposition “anti-science.” 

Trampling on Opportunities for Women:  The Democrats have always claimed to be the party of women’s rights, and feminism.  If that’s the case, then why are they letting men, who claim to be women, take from women what they’ve worked so hard to achieve?  For one, it could spell the end of women’s sports.  The transgender phenomenon borders on crazy, and wreaks of evil.  It is a coordinated attempt to destroy the moral compass of our society, and in the process (along with the homosexual agenda) turn our culture against the sanctity of the family unit.  The family unit is the building block of a free society.  Without the family, the archway of liberty comes crashing down.

Sexualizing Our Children:  The policies destroying the family are rooted in the welfare state, where it is more financially advantageous to kick dad out of the house due to incentives that increase welfare payments to one-parent households.  However, the attack on the family unit does not stop there.  The Democrats are doing all they can to turn the children against their parents, and in fact sexualize them in such a way that if I were to present to our children what the education system does by way of sex education, I would be arrested for pedophelia.  The most egregious example is in California where the sex education is teaching the children not only about “all things sex,” but encourages them to be “swingers.”  The culprit is the inappropriately named California Healthy Youth Act, which mandates the teaching of homosexuality in a positive light, and even gives kindergartners instruction on various forms of sex acts and transgenderism.  The truth is, the homosexual agenda, and the transgender agenda, are coordinated attacks against the moral compass of American Society, championing a very sick and deviant lifestyle that in the long-run is not designed to seek freedom, but to push tyranny against anyone who dares to disagree with them.

Voter Fraud and Manipulation: Evidence has been surfacing showing that not only is voter fraud by the Democrats at a historical high, but the use of social media to manipulate voters is also rampant.  Why?  They literally wish to do what they can to stop the “Trump Thing” from ever happening again.  Is this their way of saying that they are working on Trump being the last Republican President in history?

Anti-Patriotism and the Deconstruction of American History: The misinformation being spread about American History, and more specifically, the Founding Fathers, has led to the toppling of statues, the rewriting of textbooks, and violent protests and riots.  It has gotten to the point that even the American Flag is being viewed as being a racist and oppressive symbol.  The latest in the long line of examples is NIKE’s decision to get rid of the Betsy Ross shoe due to complaints by anti-patriots like former NFL player Colin Kaepernick, who calls American History “offensive” because of the “era of slavery.”

Support the Destruction of the American Economy:  Liberal left forces orchestrated the mortgage bust a decade ago, and now are planning on a new one.  A part of that plan is to force minimum wage up to $15 per hour, which would not only drive up the cost of doing business for companies, but it would destroy the middle class who would have to try to figure out how to survive a cost of living surge without the benefit of a raise as those at the bottom received.  At first those at the bottom would enjoy a boost, but as the economy adjusts, they would be no better off, the middle class would be decimated, and millions of jobs would be eradicated.  On stage, the presidential hopefuls also voiced their desire to get every fossil fuel burning vehicle off the road.  Not only would such a move eradicate millions of jobs, but it also fails to recognize that the electricity for electric cars is largely generated by fossil fuels such as coal.

Any Lie is Game if it Helps the Democrat Party Cause:  The most egregious example of late is the fake Russian Collusion story.  Even after Mueller has testified that no evidence exists, the Democrats persist with their fake Russian Collusion narrative.  The truth is, Putin was giving money to Trump’s opponents.

Destruction of Free Speech:  The attacks against free speech are multi-faceted, from political correctness, to the censorship of speech on social media.  In the case of Google, the suppression of content is glaringly clear.  Facebook’s censorship of conservative speech has led to the loss of accounts, and a congressional hearing.  YouTube accomplishes their censorship of conservative speech by shutting down conservative videos, and demonetizing conservative customers.  And if you are a conservative, never mind ever having a chance to talk on a liberal college campus.

Gun Confiscation:  The Democrats are very careful not to actually say they want to take your guns, but their actions tell us that confiscation is their eventual goal.  Actually, Congressman Swawell has gone so far as to state he supports confiscation.  They wrap their arguments up in ribbons and bows that scream “peace and safety,” yet their policies have led to an increase in violent crimes and are consistent with the policies of historical genocidal maniacs.  The reality is, the Second Amendment exists to enable us to defend ourselves against a tyrannical domestic government, should one rise.  The Democrats know this, which is why they are intent on eventually confiscating all firearms from Americans.

Using Technology to Destroy Our Moral Compass:  Let me be clear.  I am not stating that technology is bad, and I am not advocating a stance against technology.  As with any tool, technology can be good or bad, depending upon who’s wielding it.  In the case of the liberal left, technology is a valuable tool for control, tyranny, and the destruction of America’s moral compass (which includes, believe it or not, the rise of sex robots).  As we’ve discussed, the left is using technology to censor and manipulate opinion and the vote.  Is mind-control next?

Destroy Any Opposition for the Sake of Being the Opposition:  The “peace comes when all opposition is silenced or eliminated” policy of the Democrats is most clear when it comes to Donald J. Trump.  They have been calling for impeachment, and even entertained a vote, because the President disagrees with them, and communicates directly to the American People on Twitter (thereby, bypassing the mainstream media) in a manner that they don’t approve of.  Whatever happened to the Democrats who voiced agreement with Voltaire … “Though I disagree with what you have to say, I will defend to the death your right to say it”?

Supports Infiltration into our system by members of an enemy faction: Islam’s followers openly call for the destruction of the United States, and our top ally, Israel.  Yet, we are not only bending over backwards to accommodate them, but now members of Islam are residing in Congress.  Sharia law is incompatible with the U.S. Constitution, and the tenets of Islam are incompatible without our system of liberty.  Yet, we are allowing them to work on destroying us from within.  Of course, with that kind of attitude, supporters of Islam tend to be Democrats.

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