By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

Russia, Russia, Russia.

Did Russia try to meddle in our 2016 Election?
When has Russia not tried to meddle in our elections?
The question has not been if Russia interfered with our elections as much as it has been a question of if Donald J. Trump was in cahoots with the Russians in the process.  The loss of Hillary Clinton was so shocking to the Democrats that they have been convinced that her loss had to have been caused by something other than the vote of the American People.  Voters, rationalized the Democrats, couldn’t possibly want a system of liberty in place for over two hundred years over their offerings of more government, and more socialist-style policies.
So, the witch hunt began.
Karl Marx, Saul Alinsky, and a whole line of communists in history have this theory.  It runs right in line with Hitler’s “Big Lie” idea.  If you want to pull off a giant lie, you need to make it so huge that people can’t imagine anyone would like about something like that.  Make the lie so grand, so outrageous, and so massive that denial of its truth would seem foolhardy.
Usually, allegations of sexual misconduct work just fine.  However, with Trump, the attacks weren’t working.
He was a billionaire playboy.  Of course there would be questions about that kind of thing.  The voters weren’t buying the “he’s a mysonginist” attacks, either.  Their response?
“We knew we weren’t voting for an altar-boy, he got elected because of his red-blooded American policies.”
Make America Great Again.
So, the Democrats had to attack that.  They had to convince you that Trump is lying about wanting to make America great again.  What better way than to accuse him of colluding with our historical enemy, Russia?
If he’s a Russian sympathizer, that means he hates America.  Nobody likes people who conspire with enemies.
So, the Russia, Russia, Russia allegations began.
The Democrats rounded up all of their allies, especially in the media, and now, two years later, they have squat.  

The big news?  Michael Cohen, a former Trump lawyer and associate, lied about his work on a Trump Tower in Moscow being built (and it turns out the project was scrapped), which was totally separate from whether or not Trump was going to be a political candidate.  In other words, somebody lied, but it has nothing to do with the case.  So, does it really matter?
Robert Mueller’s prosecutors have been chasing people, cornering them, using techniques to make them look like liars regarding petty crimes because the Democrats hate Donald Trump and think he’s a threat to their socialist coup.  The petty crimes, by the way, have nothing to do with spying or Russia or anything else that threatens America.  It’s an investigation looking for a crime.  They’ve got nothing because there is nothing.

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