By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

The liberal left progressive commie Democrats have two problems, usually, when things go awry for them.  First, they can’t admit they were wrong on anything, and two they can’t let go of any gains toward their goals of a Marxist oligarchy in America.  Understand, to them mistakes or an error in judgment is not a setback, just a reminder they need to shift a lie or shift a deceptive move.  It doesn’t matter if real science says boys are boys and girls are girls, they’ve already went down the road of perversion so they need to either go all the way, or not at all.  If doesn’t matter that real science has proven that man-made climate change is a hoax, and that any warming or cooling of global temperatures are primarily caused by natural phenomenon including sunspot activity.  Never mind that the 2020 election has anomalies that defy statistics (and defy the law), and who cares if it has been proven that facemasks are ineffective and that COVID-19 was not the deadly scourge they claim it was, the true death number is under 10,000.  States with relaxed COVID policies also are among the States with the lowest rates of infection, and that’s using their exaggerated numbers.  The vaccine, in fact, is proving to actually be more deadly than the disease, perhaps because it is not a vaccine at all, but in fact is a genetic manipulation that is still experimental and is deadly for some people.

After reading what I just wrote the average lefty will proclaim that I am a nutjob, a conspiracy theorist, and a right-wing lunatic spreading false information.  However, they can’t provide a single strand of true evidence to argue differently in the arena of ideas.  Instead, they will give you the same old worn out talking points based on their party’s deceptive B.S. and claim it’s all fact, even though ninety percent of their rhetoric can be easily disproven by a ten year old.

Like any other ideology locked onto becoming widespread tyrants, they can’t stomach dissent, and they can’t allow anyone to say or believe anything that does not support their madness even though simple common sense recognizes the error of their claims.  That is why they can’t let go of their COVID policies.  Even as the evidence piles up against them, to protect the lie they must deepen the lie, and tighten the tyrannical vice they have placed on society.  To do less would unravel all that they have going for them.

They say follow the science, even though they fly in the face of science.  They deny the resiliency of the human immune system, or the fact that we have God-made systems designed to fight off even the most nasty of viruses.  Even the small pox virus, which ravaged the English Colonies while they were at war with Britain in 1775, only had about a 10% mortality rate.  In other words, while that is a pretty high number in the mind of some, it still means that one of the nastiest diseases we’ve encountered as a species at a time when our medicine was not what it is today, still left nine out of ten people still standing.  Then, once the disease raged through the population, for the most part small pox had not gotten as out of control again.  Sure, it appeared a few times throughout our history, but not in force as before, due to our amazing human immune systems.

Same thing with COVID.  Our natural systems are designed to fight these pathogens, and had we allowed natural herd immunity, COVID would have disappeared quickly because our immune systems would literally have cut the virus into shreds.

But, the progressive commie democrats want you to be afraid, and willing to be herded into a holding pen under their tyrannical guidance.  Fear is one of the driving forces of tyranny.  Hope is one of the driving forces of liberty.  So, they instilled fear in the public in the name of a virus.  In Canada it’s gotten to the point that it is illegal to shake hands, and in Britain you are not allowed to travel more than seven miles from your home, much less go outside without governmental permission.

People like Governor Kate Brown of Oregon are doing all they can to keep you frightened, and willing to accept a police state of control and tyranny.  Even though they’ve been proven to be ineffective, the tyrants want to stretch out facemask wearing as long as they can.  Faceless people who wear masks in shame, as indicated in Leviticus Chapter 13, are easier to control because their individual resolve has been dissolved into mindless compliance.  Either wear your mask, or get the vaccine, we are told.  What is being called vaccine passports are a real thing, and it is nothing less than a tool to steal your liberty.

What about if someone has had COVID, like I did last December?  Why would I need to wear a mask or get the vaccine?  In the CDC’s own words, the COVID arm jab creates “an immune response and making antibodies, like what happens in natural infection against COVID-19” (  Well, then if I have had the disease, I am immune, I am not going to spread it, and I already have the antibodies that the shot would allegedly create.  So, I have no need for a mask or the “vaccine”.  Yet, I am being told I cannot operate in society unless I wear a mask or get the jab.

Shouldn’t that kind of double-speak throw red flags up in all directions?

The weird reaction by the left is because the shot is not about antibodies, it is something different.  Gene therapy?  Genetic manipulation?  Population control?  Chinese bio-warfare?  All of these things definitely come to mind.  If it isn’t any of those things, then why are Democrats doing what they can to hinder any investigations into the COVID scamdemic?

Whatever the reason, they are all in.  There is no going back.  The lies and deception have become their religion, and to deny them would be Marxist blasphemy.  So, as the world wakes up, the liberal left progressive commies are doing what they can to keep as many people asleep at the wheel as possible.  They can’t abandon the madness, they’ve invested too much in this particular battlefront to go back.

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