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Politically, I wouldn’t wear a face covering during this ridiculous mass hysteria over a minor illness that has a vaccine that is more deadly than the disease.  But, that said, I can’t wear a face mask, anyway.  As a result of a head injury during my military service, I suffer from headaches, vertigo, and PTSD.  In March of 2020, I tried putting a mask on my face five times because society was demanding it as they ran for cover from a mysterious new virus the government was warning could kill millions.  Three of the five times I placed the mask on my face I became very dizzy, and fell to the ground.  The remaining two tries left me on the ground for five hours in a vicious cycle of vertigo.

When I went to the Veteran’s Administration medical offices to learn why I couldn’t wear a face covering, I was rejected at the door because I wouldn’t put a face mask on.

Finally, after months of trying, I finally got in to see a neurologist, who determined the head injury and my constant migraine headaches were the culprit.

For the last half dozen or more decades the Democrats have claimed to be the champions for Americans with disabilities.  The Americans with Disabilities Act, I am told, was their baby.  Liberals harass businesses who don’t have enough handicap spaces in their parking lot, rails in their bathrooms, or a ramp for wheelchairs so as to allow access to all persons, even those with disabilities, into their businesses.  However, any disability regarding face masks during the COVID-19 Wuhan Coronavirus pandemic (scamdemic) doesn’t count.  It doesn’t fit their narrative, so for those of us with a disability that keeps us from wearing a mask, we are not allowed into stores, we are kicked out of mini-marts, we are hounded right and left (mostly left) about not wearing a mask, and the ADA federal law does not protect us and simply says that if a business allows for alternative accommodations (such as curbside pickup) they are allowed to refuse to let you in their store.  Of course, many that don’t have alternative accommodations also use the “we don’t take your kind here” excuse as well to keep the maskless out of their places of business.

Where are the warriors for the disabled, now?  Where are those who claim they care about those who are unable to do the same things because of their disability?  Has the liberal left’s claim they are fighters for the disabled been just a front?  Just a ruse?

How easily we were abandoned the moment our disabilities didn’t help their political narrative.

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