By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

Christians have seen this coming for a long time.  
Here’s what the left is saying about those who don’t get vaccinated:

A political candidate has gone so far as to say that if you don’t follow COVID policies, you should be shot…

Never mind that it is being discovered that the vaccine kills your immunity to the very bug it claims to be protecting you from: 

Fortunately, in California a Vaccine Bill (AB 455) that would have required vaccine passports in the Golden State was defeated… for the time being.
The demise of the draconian law that would have been based on politically-based science, rather than real science, to deny people who realize that Liberty includes the ability to say “NO” to the government the basic necessities and access to jobs unless they get an injection in their arms, resulted from angry Californians calling and emailing by the thousands.
But, it is only a battle.  The war continues to rage. The liberal left commies never stop.  They simply find new ways to become tyrannical.  In the end, Democrats simply wanted to avoid the chance of losing their super-majority to angry voters, and to protect Gavin Newsom as a recall vote looms about a week away from now.

However, if they find a way to keep Gavin Newsom in office, likely through election fraud, this tyrannical “vaccine mandates” madness will continue to creep forward until it swallows up every last member of the public.  They have already gobbled up into their tyrannical madness state workers, health care workers, and schoolteachers.  Next, they wish to continue to try to get you into their clutches, even if it means threatening businesses into becoming their accomplices.

Next in California is AB 1102, and at the federal level HR 71; both which try to force you into receiving the jab in the arm.  According to their numbers, Covid-related deaths in California is currently 0.01 or 0.02 “deaths per 100K.”  In short, once again based on their numbers (I believe the truth is even better) if you’re infected with any form of Covid, your chance of dying from it is either 1 in 5 million or 1 in 10 million — much lower than your chance of dying from walking, driving, eating, or being hit by a bolt of lightning.
The vaccine is even more dangerous than the disease it claims to cure.  Official government statistics show tens of thousands of deaths and millions of injuries from the dangerous “Covid vaccines”
From the beginning, it has all been about the vaccine, which I think is a trial run for the Mark of the Beast (from Christian prophecy).  Worldwide we are seeing the move towards compulsory vaccination (somebody pins you down to the ground and puts a needle in you).  The vaccine is a failure, it doesn’t stop infection, it doesn’t stop the spread, yet they want it so badly in your body that they are willing to force you into it through draconian totalitarian laws.  Why?  Is there more to it all than we are being told?
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