By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

The Democrats have no platform; only anger.

As the Democrats pursue primarily a “hate Trump” policy, they have opened the door for the radicals.  In short, voids must be filled, and since the Democrats have abandoned common sense, madness must fill the void.

It is all about their own power, and getting their own way, not what is best for the United States.

I was angry, once.  When I was young and immature I was an angry young man.  I was angry at my parents because of how strict they were.  I was angry at my teachers because of how hard they pushed me.  I was angry at my coach because I felt like he had favorites on the team. I was angry at my girlfriend for being so flaky.  I was angry at society for making me wait so long to be able to drive, drink, or smoke.  I was angry at the store clerk and I was angry at the pastor.  I was an angry young man who, whether deserving or not, was angry at pretty much everything.

After enlisting in the Navy, I was even angry with Uncle Sam and God for a while.

Then, I grew up, and I put away such childish things.  I learned that the world does not revolve around me, there’s always more to the story than one sees on the surface, that I shouldn’t take everything personal, and that the angry look on my face didn’t come across real well in social circles.

So, I put away such childish things.
I learned that there is no such thing as a free lunch.  Somebody, somewhere, is paying for whatever it is that folks believes to be free, and in the end I will likely have to pay my fair share, too.  I learned that most people don’t care if your hair looks cool, or if you are wearing the latest trends.  People are simply trying to live their lives, and you are but a minor blip on their radar.
So, I put away such childish things.
I had a lot of hangups.  My parents divorced when I was young, my father was not exactly a role model, my mom was quick to anger, my step-dad was not the kind of guy to spend a lot of time with his kids, and once my brother and sister were born it became a family of four … oh, and then there was Doug.  I spent a lot of time in my room writing, imagining, and living in the fantasy worlds that resided within my bone encased dome.  From my point of view people were constantly hurting my feelings.  Even my friends, once, went to Disneyland without even inviting me.  My feelings were hurt constantly over people’s actions.  I didn’t realize it was nothing personal, nor that my past really doesn’t matter aside from maybe the lessons I can learn from it.
So, I put away such childish things.
It is my decision to define who I am, not a group of popular people, not the angry past I have realized was childish, nor any special group or click that I may be a part of.  I am me, and it is my decision who that may be.
I can depend on others or be self-sustaining.  I can hope for others to accept me, or I can accept myself and set my own trends.  I can be angry because someone disagrees with me, or I can understand that disagreement is a part of what liberty is all about.  While my way may be the best way for me, and I may believe it is the best way for all, the reality is that there are those who disagree and they will do what they do regardless of what I think.  So, I have a choice.  Try to force them to act the way I wish them to through the rigors of authoritarianism, or be a good example and be someone they may wish to emulate.
When I was young I had the makings of being someone that could be liberal, progressive, socialist, or a Democrat.  But, I grew up, instead, and realized that all of those things were childish, and they needed to be put away.
In the end it seems when it comes to politics the Democrats have a lot of growing up to do.  Well, either the Democrats are really evil, or just a bunch of snot-nosed brats throwing temper-tantrums because they didn’t get their way in 2016.
It might be a little of both.
The Framers of the U.S. Constitution were mature beyond their years.  They formed a union, and sent out warnings about the danger of those who would seek to divide the union for their petty self-absorbed partisan interests.  They all understood the seduction of power, and that too much power in one location is dangerous.  Power corrupts.  Absolute power corrupts absolutely.  So, they divided the power of government, even disallowing We the People from having too much power.
Hence, why we were not designed to be a democracy.

Those who achieve great power, if they are not virtuous, are prone to abuse it, using excuses such as that it’s for the common good, or the betterment of their political party.  Ambition can be good unless it is joined with corrupt and unprincipled scheming.  They warned against the persons who would sacrifice the union for their own interests, and scheme in a manner that is unhealthy for America as a whole.

The Democrat Party has become unhinged.  Their anger about the fact that they are not getting their socialist way has disintegrated the party into a tone of discourse that is filled with anger, hate, temper-tantrums, and a call for division.  They have become uncivil, confrontational, and a purveyor of identity politics.  Their toxic tactics incite violence, and foster deep discontent among the average voters.  In collusion with a media that long ago abandoned journalism, an education system that is more about indoctrination, and an entertainment media that is more partisan than the politicians, they have turned America into a battleground of angry youth and radical groups who believe they have been disenfranchised and the only way to get their fair share is to reduce themselves to angry, fire-breathing mobs of socialist zealots.

Aside from race-baiting, which led to a number of riots during the Obama years, the liberal left is also doing what it can to make sure the female voters (of which they believe to be ignorant dupes and basically useful idiots) are also angry and willing to take to the streets in protest.

Ever hear of the old term “Divide and Conquer”?  Well, the Democrats have dividing the country down pretty good.  For them it is “divide, anger, incite violence, and in the chaos conquer the political system with false promises and destructive policies.”

It’s the Brown Shirts all over again, but in America.  And if using allegedly disenfranchised minorities, women, and homosexuals as the brown shirts is not enough, the liberal left is more than happy to welcome into their circus of insanity groups like antifa as well.
The Trump Derangement Syndrome mobs are now poised and ready to fill the streets with blood, and many wonder if that is what we have on the horizon should President Trump win again in 2020.  One wonders how truly crazy the growing epidemic of cognitive dissonance will become if another firm pragmatic businessman fighter like Trump wins in 2024.
Worse than that, how violent and authoritarian will the left become if and when they retake the reins of government?
While the Trump administration stacks up an impressive record of economic achievements, and continues to deliver as promised, all the Democrats offer is more hate and disunity … likely because that’s the only thing holding together their rabid base.

It began long ago, but the flames were fanned into a roaring inferno by President Obama, whose confrontational rhetoric called for the attitude of “if they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun.”  It was reminiscent of Islamic threats, a radically normal part of the Muslim religion of which some have claimed he has a personal connection with.

Thanks to Obama’s urgings of violence against the GOP we’ve had riots, shootings, and a direct attack against Republican Congress critters on a baseball field in Washington D.C.  The Democrats and their rabid unhinged radical allies are poking the conservative Republicans in the chest, desperately wishing for a violent reaction in return.  They know they have stopped winning elections (at least fairly) so they are resorting to mob rule and intimidation.  They have no platform.  They have no ideas.  They only desire socialism, and to get rid of anyone who stands in their way. Therefore, they hate Trump.  It’s all they’ve got.  
Could it be that the worldwide failure of socialism is haunting them?  Could it be that this is really the last gasps of a party that realizes their leftist policies may be getting ready to be dumped into the dustbin of history? (for a short while … unfortunately, this kind of idiocy always eventually reappears)
They are like the angry teenager causing havoc as he lashes his way out during his final days in his parent’s household.  They are like the two-year olds who stomp around and kick things because they didn’t get their way.  They are like the young man acting in a destructive manner because he claims to be an angry youth when in reality he is just a young fool who is too immature to get it.
Maybe it’s time for the Democrats to put away such childish things.
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