By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

On April 23 the City of Temecula entertained a proposed resolution that would proclaim the city a constitutional city.  In the same proposal it took a shot at socialism, and a group of socialist-minded locals descended upon the city council meeting to encourage the council to shoot down their own proposal . . . and in response, Temecula shelved it.
Tonight, though Resolution 19 was not on the agenda, during public comments we hammered out the issue.  Twenty-four commenters, mostly in favor of the resolution and protecting the Constitution, spoke.
The meeting for patriots, I believe, was a rousing success.
I addressed the left’s argument that the Constitution has nothing to do with what our economic system.  I pointed out that the Constitution was written purposely to protect us from socialism. While the word “socialism” was not in use yet, the Framers were fully aware of what the economic system is all about.  They called it utopianism, communitarianism, or communalism.  The redistribution of wealth was called “schemes of leveling,” and was declared by Samuel Adams to be both “despotic and unconstitutional.”
There are no authorities allowing the federal government to control or own the means of production, and in Article 4, Section 4 it states that each State must be guaranteed a republican form of government – which – if you read Madison’s Notes and the ratification conventions – includes a lassiez faire economic system which is (are you sitting?) a free market system.

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