By Douglas V. Gibbs
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April 15 is the most exciting day of the year for Democrats (politicians, lobbyists, and other leeches).  Whenever I think about the tax and spend Democrats who don’t understand economics and the free market (which increases revenue when government removes itself from the market, not when the government infiltrates it) it reminds me of Ronald Reagan’s famous quote; “Republicans believe every day is the Fourth of July, but the democrats believe every day is April 15.”

That one then leads to, “We don’t have a trillion-dollar debt because we haven’t taxed enough; we have a trillion-dollar debt because we spend too much.”

This tax day, however, is unlike any other in history.  Not everybody did their taxes, and tax day has been pushed into the future, due to the coronavirus hysteria gripping the world.  Yet, the government issued a public coronavirus stimulus package of $2.2 trillion, and plans to do it again with more funds if this thing keeps going.
Just a question: “Where is all of that money coming from?”
Created out of thin air?  And since we have a debt-based system, who is buying all of that debt?
I like President Trump at the helm, and I think he has done a fantastic job in the country’s highest office, but I am not sure I am hip with the stimulus package.
That said, this whole coronavirus COVID-19 stinks to high heaven.  Why are we hiding from the virus with shelter-in-place policies?  If it is mild, and I’ve heard that the percentage of people being asymptomatic or having mild symptoms may be as high as 96% (Washington Post originally reported 82%), and the mortality rate is less than a half percent (based on estimated cases, not confirmed cases as they’ve been claiming), then shouldn’t we shelter only the most vulnerable, and the rest of us take our chances by living our lives and getting sick with it?  In a matter of a couple weeks the disease runs out of victims to infect, and we all build anti-bodies that can fight it if the disease comes back mutated and stronger.  With shelter-in-place we have not build up any immunities to the disease, and so if it comes back mutated and stronger, in the long run we will lose more lives than we would have if we had practiced herd immunity (and let the disease take its own course).

Besides, I thought the sun was a natural disinfectant.  If we remain inside, aren’t we sitting here waiting for it to concentrate in our location?  Outside, I am in a larger place, with air that moves freely thanks to the wind.  Therefore, the air I am breathing does not have a concentrated mix of virus, but in fact the virus is more is dispersed.

Instead, we have government leveraging our fear of getting sick and telling us if we stay inside we are saving lives.  We are killing more people down the road with these policies, and of course they have no science behind their decisions, all they know is that these policies fit their totalitarian wishes as the ruling elite.  They have removed us from the public scene with totalitarian orders, demanding more control over us in the name of … well … keeping us safe, and unfortunately, we have complied without as much as a whimper.
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