By Douglas V. Gibbs
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The 2016 Presidential Election was not supposed to go the way it did.  For over a century the Marxists of the world had been positioning the United States to fail, to fall in line, to abandon its free market and join the trend of globalism and government control of the means of production.  A strong America is the final obstacle standing in the way of worldwide tyranny through socialist economics and social engineering designed and orchestrated by an arrogant ruling elite.

Barack Obama was put in place to continue the work of Lyndon B. Johnson, Jimmy Carter, and William Jefferson Clinton.  The problem with Bill Clinton, however, was that he worried too much about legacy, and so when the going got tough, he compromised, became a little less liberal, and worked with his Republican Congress.  Fortunately for the pro-communist conspirators trying to drive America into a Soviet-style system, his wife Hillary is a true believer.  So, Obama was put in place to be the set-up man, and then it was going to be Hillary Rodham Clinton’s job to drive home the final nails to capitalism’s coffin.

Early on in the 2016 presidential race the GOP candidates were largely the same kind of guys the Republicans usually thrust into office.  Easy to manipulate vessels who, many of which, anyway, are just a slightly lighter version of their hard left counterparts in the Democrat Party.  Sure, there were a few good ones, but they didn’t last long.  In fact, I was shocked at how fast the Scott Walker campaign closed its doors.

Conservatism is attacked quick and viciously, so survival as a conservative in these elections is usually a tall order.  And if you think the weasels are bad at the federal level of elections, you ought to see the shenanigans we go through here in California every four years when the gubernatorial election pokes its head out of the clouds.

Then, a non-politician appeared on the horizon.  All he said was that he wanted to build a great big beautiful border wall, and the GOP faithful immediately took to him.  Don’t get me wrong, Trump is not exactly your prototypical conservative.  In fact, before the election, you could hardly call him anything other than a womanizing billionaire playboy who had some success with a reality show where his most famous line was, “you’re fired!”

I was not sure I could support him, when he first appeared on the scene, to be honest. 

Trump has pretty much said he has no problem with the homosexual agenda, didn’t seem to be much of a church-going guy, had dealt with members of both parties in the past as a businessman (even donating to a number of Democrat candidates and causes), hadn’t really emerged as a pro-life supporting individual, and reports regarding his business practices sometimes bordered on the shady and predatory side.  But, he was saying the right things, and he wasn’t Hillary, so I supported him and voted for him.  My feelings were that once he took office he would be closely scrutinized and would either have to do what he’s supposed to do for conservative Republicans, or he’d be a one-term president.

Then, he was inaugurated, and something very interesting happened.  He surrounded himself with Christian conservatives, he recognized the limits and authorities of the federal government, he became the most pro-life president in the history of this country, and he proved to be the most pro-Israel president since Ronald Reagan.  His policies of reducing the federal government’s impact on our lives, reforming the tax system, and encouraging the free market moved our country from a new normal of misery to a vibrant and roaring economy with folks excited about the evolution of America’s standing in the world.  He stood tough against Islamic terrorism, stood toe to toe with the globalists and knocked them off their pedestals, marched with the pro-lifers, and pretty much told the lying hard left fake news media to stick it.

The non-political, non-politician who was neither a conservative, nor truly a republican taught us that those things were not a problem, and in fact, they were the whole point behind his success.  He could not be bought, manipulated, or cornered, and we were better off that way.

The hard left world of globalist communist elites were already upset that he had won the presidency and stopped in its tracks the rise of the Hillary Clinton regime.  He was already a thorn in their side, and an obstacle they were willing to do anything and everything to remove from office, but as he began to seem more and more conservative with each passing moment, the drive to remove him shifted into high gear, and took on a global perspective.

New evidence is revealing that the plot to destroy Trump and prevent him from winning in 2016 was much bigger than we could have fathomed … and I was fathoming pretty big.  The disgusting conspiracy was not just one involving the Clintons, Obamas, and high ranking Democrats.  It turns out that the plot got its feet off the ground in Europe, and more specifically, Italy.

Many of the scandals during the Obama administration’s stay in the White House also tie into what became the much larger plot to stop Trump from getting elected, and ultimately the conspiracy to overthrow his administration once it was in place.  The evidence that points to it being a global effort, and actually taking its first breath in Italy, however, came to us largely through the individual testimonies of certain persons in front of the US House of Representatives.

After the transcripts of those testimonies were released, George Papadopoulos released the following tweet about Obamagate in Italy:

Obama and the former leader of Italy, Matteo Renzi, held meetings in Italy before the 2016 election and in early 2017.

Papadopoulos also tweeted his thoughts that Italy was more involved in Obamagate than previously reported:

Italian nuclear engineer and suspected Deep State target Giulio Occhionero pointed out the Italian connection in the release of those who unmasked General Michael Flynn in the weeks after the 2016 election. This list was also released a few weeks ago. The list included Obama’s Ambassador to Italy, John R. Phillips and the Deputy Chief of Mission in Italy, Kelly Degnan.

Occhionero was arrested for a crime he claimed he didn’t commit where he says he was set up by the Deep State.

Upon his arrest, the Italians who arrested him asked, “Who is your contact with the Trump team?”

The Italian press is appalled with reports that young Papadopoulos’s wife, an Italian born model, was asked by the FBI to spy on her husband:

But, as Gateway Pundit points out:

…perhaps the most damaging document, proving ties to Italy, is the recently released Crossfire Hurricane launch letter. This document is what started it all. The alleged, and now known to be a hoax about ties between President Trump and Russia, which culminated in the Mueller Special Counsel, started with this document. Many in Italy believe this document proves Obamagate started in Europe, and more specifically in Italy.

Occhionero believes that the launch letter begins in Italy. Much of the document is still redacted [again no doubt only to cover for the criminals] so we really don’t know, yet, who the document specifically refers to. However, if the document is referring to Italy, we have strong belief that it refers to LEGAT or Legal Attache Kieran Ramsey. Occhionero has claimed that Ramsey would not testify at his trial and believes this is because he is hiding something.

Also from Gateway Pundit:

The Crossfire Hurricane launch letter begins with this: 


(S/ /REL TO USA[Redacted] On Wednesday, July 27, 2016, Legal Attaché (Legat) [Redacted] was summoned to the Office of the Deputy Chief of Mission (DCM) for the [Redacted] who will be leaving [Redacted] post Saturday July 30, 2016 and set to soon thereafter retire from government service, advised [Redacted] was called by [Redacted] about an urgent matter requiring an in person meeting with the U.S. Ambassador. [Note: [Redacted]. The [Redacted] was scheduled to be away from post until mid-August, therefore [Redacted] attended the meeting.

If the incident occurred in Italy, the LEGAT was Ramsey. Barbara on Twitter points out that the Holy See (i.e. Catholic Church in Rome, Italy) had a change in the Chief of Mission in July 2016:

Ken Hackett was the prior US Ambassador to the Holy See and he retired in early 2017:

No wonder the Senate wants to interview Kieran Ramsey. No wonder US Attorney John Durham traveled with AG Barr to Italy. Italy, it appears, was the epicenter for Crossfire Hurricane!

The truth is so amazing that most people don’t wish to believe it.  It seems like the stuff that conspiracy theories are made of.  But, to be honest, sometimes conspiracy theories are more true than we realize.
America has been the shining beacon on the hill, the place where liberty and prosperity go hand in hand, and as the Framers of the American System well over two hundred years ago said, America is the world’s last great hope.  If American Liberty dies, the world will plunge into a new dark age of tyranny and collectivist authoritarian rule.
The desire to overthrow Liberty, and people like Donald J. Trump, is also nothing new.  And, in fact, it really has nothing to do with Trump.  As our president has so aptly indicated, they don’t hate him, they hate you and wish to control you.  However, right now, he stands in their way.
Right out the gate Alexander Hamilton began working on creating a banker’s oligarchy.  Federal Supremacy fan Chief Justice John Marshall also took constant hacks at the foundation of constitutional principles of liberty with his rulings and judicial opinions that strengthened the idea of federal supremacy, and a firm union.  Democrat Party father Andrew Jackson worked on dismantling the republic so as to make this country more of a democracy than was ever envisioned.  The Progressive Era of the late 1800s added greatly to the plots already in place to change the system from within, which led to the Federal Reserve, Income Tax (Amendment 16), chopping away at the mechanisms of our republic by taking away the voice of the States (Amendments 16 and 17), and finally putting in place a puppet willing to do everything the hard left socialist progressive anti-American bastards desired, President Woodrow Wilson.  Wilson’s damage to the system was extensive, but constitutionalist President Calvin Coolidge was able to reverse some of it.  Unfortunately, the Federal Reserve answered by causing the Great Depression, which led to one of the worst presidents in our history when it comes to constitutionalism, Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  FDR’s New Deal extended the depression, and tried to finish the job of disconnecting the wires we had with our heritage of Liberty.  The United Nations, after the League of Nations failed, was then created to make the Marxist push a global thing, opening the door for a world government, and the final dismantling of America as a free and independent sovereign unit.  The progressive conspiracy spread into academia, the entertainment industry, and the news media.  The leftists got to the point where they controlled all of the avenues of information and thought, giving them the free will to twist it as they desired.  Then Ronald Reagan and Rush Limbaugh emerged in the 1980s, putting a pause on it all until they could regroup, and get a new plan in place.
While Obama and Hillary Clinton were the stepping stones that were to be put into place to bring down American Liberty so she’d become compliant to her global overlords, the reality is the whole thing has always had its roots in Europe.  The plot goes all the way back to the European bankers who had Alexander Hamilton wrapped around their fingers, the Frankfurt school of thought, the philosophies of Hagel, Nietzsche and Marx, the love affair the liberal left in America have had with fascism, eugenics and the communists (and they have been real good at lying about those connections), and their use of the Hegelian dialectic.  They create problems so that government can be the only solution.  They build government political structures so complex that nobody understands it, and so sinister that nobody believes that it could be so evil in the first place.  They ridicule dissent into silence, and have well over a hundred years of work in the field of indoctrinating the younger generations.  The ends justify the means, so creating a plot to overthrow America, and more specifically, the Trump presidency, is no big deal to them.  They’ve been at this so long, Trump is simply just another mission to remove an obstacle so that they can finally bring American Liberty to its knees.
People like Susan Rice and Valerie Jarret have always been tugging and pulling from the inside.  The deep state is nothing new, and the global nature of the effort is older than Nazism, socialism, and even America herself.  But, even they have to admit, they haven’t suffered a setback like Donald J. Trump before, and it has them furious, especially since they think they are so close to the prize.
As it turns out, Trump is not the only leader of a country who poses as an obstacle and must be brought down.  Israel, the only country that comes close to America in the terms of political system, economy, and overall goodness in the sense of her place in the whole scheme of things, also suffers from rats from within.  Some people call them Zionists, others may simply see them as hard left Israelis (who also turn out to either be non-religious Jews or Muslims, as it turns out), but nonetheless, Benjamin Netanyahu is an obstacle too, just like Trump, so he too is being targeted by the worldwide cabal of Marxist globalists.

They’ve been working on Netanyahu for years, probing, investigating, and searching for a crime to go after him with.  And, as with Trump, they’ve been making things up and playing the propaganda game to a tee.  But, now, they think they’ve got him.  Benjamin Netanyahu is now the first sitting Prime Minister of Israel to go on trial for, you got it, public corruption.

 Sound familiar?  Sounds like Netanyahu is getting the Trump treatment.

The worldwide effort is not only against Trump, America, and our System of Liberty, but against anyone who may be considered an ally.  And in the end, as much as you may not be willing to believe it, that includes you, as well.

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