By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

The abolish the police movement is the same as the liberal left’s claim that “anything goes” is freedom.  Freedom is only freedom when it has a positive impact on a society, and it doesn’t interfere with other people’s freedoms.  Freedom is also following the rule of law, while still having the independent individuality to pursue your own path.  In other words, right is right, and wrong is wrong.  I have the freedom to swing my arms, but the moment it begins hitting people in the face, I no longer should be free to swing my arms unless I position myself in such a way that it is not interfering with other people’s rights such as the right not to be struck in the face.  That is simply the right thing to do.

Due to Marxist revolutionary influences, that has been lost in the conversation.  The liberal left says that freedom means doing what you want, when you want, because you want to.  But, if you are doing anything you want, someone is suffering from the consequences of those actions.  Therefore, it is not really freedom.

I get it.  Sometimes we see police misconduct.  Some police officers are power-trippers.  And the rioters and people behind the Seattle autonomous zone act as if that means all police are the problem.  They don’t recognize the grieving families of the police officer killed in the line of duty doing his job.  They don’t recognize the phone calls family members get when they find out their police officer loved one has been killed in the line of duty.

When it comes to the autonomous zone the questions pile up even hire.  Do they believe that businesses will continue to wish to operate in their zones of anarchy?  What happens when they run out of things to loot?  If there are no law enforcement, who will be truly setting up the rules in that zone?  Chances are, the local thugs and gangs.  Is that freedom?  Is a Mad Max kind of world where people must bow to the local thugs because law and order has been abandoned truly what they want?  Is that really freedom?

With law enforcement in place, we have the freedom to pursue other things, to go to work, and not worry about our home being robbed.  Without law enforcement, the freedom to go to work goes out the window, because to protect our belongings we have to sit on the porch with our gun in our lap to protect what belongings we have.  The freedom to work, and earn money, and add to those belongings is then sacrificed.

Law and order is essential.  Without law and order, there is no freedom.

To surrender our cities to the liberal left revolutionaries is a loss of liberty, a loss of freedom, and a loss of our American System forever.

I get it.  I lived in the big city as a kid.  Gun shots rang out at night.  Living in tough neighborhoods is no fun.  But, that doesn’t make it the police’s fault.  We control our own environments.  Without law and order, we lose control to the thugs, to the gangs, and to those who wish to increase the brutality of their iron fist rule over everyone else.

Seeking change through violence is not the way to do it.  Vigilante justice is not the answer.  Law and order is what separates us from the animals, and separates us from the communist revolutionaries who, in the end, actually want the government enforcement officers to be more in your life, not less as they claim.

Interestingly enough, the people behind the Seattle Autonomous Zone are people who hate Trump’s idea for a border wall, yet they’ve built their own wall around their zone.  They are the people who claimed Trump was a fascist, yet their Black Shirt tactics are in line with what the NAZIs did in Germany, when they terrorized the public until the dictator named Hitler finally took power.

Cops are willing to put their lives on the line for people they don’t even know.  They don’t deserve this treatment, and your freedom needs them in place so that you can have law and order, consequences for law-breakers, and the opportunity to truly be free to do the things you wish to do, rather than have to sit at home with a gun on your lap to protect your belongings from a bunch of idiot thugs.

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