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The progressive left is good at sound-bytes and mantras.  They chant, they yell, and they do it with language mechanisms that are designed to be impossible to argue with.  The latest is the list you see in the image to the left.  It reads: Science is Real, Black Lives Matter, No Human is Illegal, Love is Love, Women’s Rights are Human Rights, and Kindness is Everything.

I learned about the “Science Is Real” statement while watching Rebecca Friedrichs provide information about the indoctrination of our children, and the sexualization of our children, in the public schools.  The list to the left, in fact, as she showed us in her slide presentation, is on (or was on) the California teacher’s union website. I’ve heard various liberal left talking heads mutter the same.  The first line, Science is Real, caught my attention first, and to me it’s pretty obvious that it is simply their way of combating against “climate change deniers” like yours truly.

The problem is, real science is not something that is supposed to be manipulated and guided for the purpose of supporting a political agenda, and in many cases so as to provide reports so that the government money to the scientist’s work keeps on flowing.

The problem began long before the fake science of man-made climate change or the latest outcropping of fake sexual deviation biology.  While they are the latest manifestations of science for political gain, the fake science business being called real science goes back a lot further than any of us are capable of remembering.

Science began when humans decided they wanted to learn more about the universe that God had Created.  It didn’t take long before secularists and humanists took over and began to try and use science to prove God false.  The science, however, didn’t add up, and to this day, the anti-God science still doesn’t add up.  The evidence they claimed is out there, somewhere, never seemed to surface.  Despite the confidence by evolution scientists that Darwin’s theories must be accurate, the science has never proven it.  To this day, evolution remains a mere theory.

They can’t explain the Cambrian Explosion.  They can’t explain the genesis of everything (how nothing became something).  And they have yet to find their coveted missing link.

Evolutionists want you to believe we are the result of a cosmic accident, and that these accidents take billions of years to manifest.  They tell us that life began with random chance and chemical reactions.  Yet, the complexity of the organisms and the environment we live in screams that chance is not capable of such things.  As with building a mechanism in a factory, the chance of that same mechanism forming on its own over billions of years on its own without a designer is a big, fat, zero.

The ideas presented by evolutionists have no proof whatsoever.  The idea that the world and the universe is millions and billions of years old, for example, is simply a guess, and one fashioned to fit the narrative, not one supported by science.

While the evolutionists cannot scientifically prove that they are correct, the reality is, and they are only still around because at the moment they can also not be scientifically proven wrong.

Or, can they?

The reality is that the theories don’t add up when science is actually applied.  Evolution is a farce.  Man-made Climate Change is a made up lie based on manipulated models (don’t get me wrong, climate change exists, but it’s a natural occurrence guided by natural factors).  And the biology being used to support homosexual and transsexual arguments is simply a fantasy made up as they go along, and a very dangerous one, at that.

I am tired of the progressives claiming pseudo-science is real science, and then trying to ridicule any opposition into silence if we dare to disagree.  Perhaps, just perhaps, the way to combat it is with real science.

Here’s a taste of some real science:

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