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Today’s Topics:

★ Anti-Liberty

➨First Incandescent, Now Fluorescent

★ Anti-Education

➨At the Cost of Intelligence

★ Anti-Liberty

➨Democrats Hate America as it was Founded

★ Anti-Free Thought

➨Orwellian Thought Crime Enforcement

★ Anti-Life

➨Killing Babies in the Name of Reproductive Health

★ Anti-American Sovereignty

➨The World Health Organization Treaty Designed to Usurp U.S. Sovereignty

★ Anti-Second Amendment

➨Targeting Guns

★ Anti-Business

➨California bans restaurant surcharges

★ Anti-American Citizen

➨Giving Tax Dollar Benefits to Illegal Aliens

★ Anti-Biology

➨Girls can be boys and boys can be girls…or else

★ Anti-Female

➨Suck it up young lady, and play the game against boys in dresses

★ Anti-Information

➨Internet Control

Mr. Constitution Hour airs every Saturday Night at 9pm.

K-Praise (www.kprz.com)

Mr. Constitution Hour on KPRZ is a radio broadcast that looks at The United States Constitution through the lens of Christianity. The program is hosted by Mr. Constitution Douglas V. Gibbs.

This Week: Mr. Constitution Hour by Douglas V. Gibbs: Federal Republic, Nationalism, Immigration and Executive Orders — What is a federal republic? How does it differ from democracy, nationalism, or any other system of government? Why is illegal immigration such a problem, and why is standing against open borders not xenophobic or a sign of white supremacy? Are Biden’s Executive Orders constitutional? What is an executive order? Mr. Constitution explains.


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