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To be tyrannical, one must be a bully.  That is how tyranny works.  However, the bullies know that their kind are not exactly popular among the crowds of people out there who don’t like to be bullied around, so to hide their true nature, they accuse their opposition of being the bullies.  It’s like the kids in the schoolyard when you were growing up, except these bullies don’t just want to take your lunch money.  They want to take everything from you, including your liberty, your free will, and the economic system of a free exchange of goods that has made America so prosperous.

So, the Democrats, who are bullies, once they have the opportunity to be bullies, are acting the part.  They have decided to try to force us to wear ineffective masks, and now in the case of the bully in Los Angeles, Mayor Garcetti, subjects of the Los Angeles dictatorship/monarchy are not even allowed to leave their houses to walk down the sidewalk.

Tucker Carlson put it nicely regarding dictator Garcetti’s bullying:

In case you’re confused by this guidance, Eric Garcetti would like to make it very simple for you. Eric Garcetti’s title is mayor of Los Angeles. But over the years, his role has grown. He now wields powers we once associated with Enver Hoxha of Albania and certain ancient Phoenician gods:

GARCETTI: My message couldn’t be simpler: It’s time to hunker down. It’s time to cancel everything, and if it isn’t essential, don’t do it. Don’t meet up with others outside your household. Don’t host a gathering. Don’t attend a gathering.

“It’s time to cancel everything,” commands Lord Garcetti, and when he says “everything,” he means “everything,” up to and including your most sacred holiday time with your family and the illusion of free will itself. You were a citizen. Now you are a supplicant. And all it took was a single sentence from Eric Michael Garcetti.

In other words, like his fellow bullies around the country, Garcetti is even willing to cancel Christmas.  They don’t like Christians, anyway, so what a joy it must be for them to disallow the important Christian holiday.

The hatred for Christianity resides across the board for the progressive liberal communist Democrats.

California’s attorney general Xavier Becerra urged the Supreme Court to reject a petition from a group of California churches disputing Governor Newsom’s coronavirus restrictions on gathering for religious worship.

Billionaire Bill Gates believes religion to be a disease, and has discussed with the CIA and others that he believes religious behavior is governed by the VMAT2 gene and if they could just eliminate that from people we wouldn’t have the problem they have with Christian fundamentalists.  He suggests the best way to do it is through a forced vaccine.

Hmmmm.  Suddenly the bio-engineering and sudden appearance of COVID-19 is starting to make a lot more sense.

The Chinese Communists are cracking down on Christians, too, working on rewriting the Bible as a part of their strategy.  Chinese Christian Chen Yu was punished with a seven-year prison sentence and a fine equivalent to $30,000 U.S. Dollars, for selling unapproved religious publications.

Last October a hotel was fined by the “Bureau of Culture and Tourism” in China for daring to allow Christians to hold religious activities.  They also put out a warning to other hotels not to accept Christians or believers of other religions for religious activities.

Joe Biden, the Democrat Party Presidential Candidate (and they believe president-elect) in 2020 has even pledged to gut religious freedom protections right here in the United States, claiming that churches, and other religious organizations, give “hate a safe harbor.”

Christians are also being stalked around the world, being attacked for violating the various edicts in various countries by leftist leaders that ban church gatherings during the COVID scamdemic.  

Let’s not forget the Democrats are the party to vote God off their platform in 2012, only to place God back on their platform as the leftists in the audience booed them for doing it.

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