By Douglas V. Gibbs
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My wife called me from work.  “I heard President Trump has declared a national emergency. Is everything going to be all right?”
I reassured her everything is fine.  The virus is not the problem, the media is.  President Trump had to declare a national emergency because of the pressure being applied by the media and the Democrats.  The liberal left hysteria has the whole world freaking out about a mild cousin of the flu.  We lose more lives every year to the common, regular, annual flu.
The reality is, this virus is not the major kind of “end of the world” pandemic stuff that horror and science fiction novelists have been fantasizing about over the last century.  This is also not a virus that will cause a zombie apocalypse.  It is a mild cousin of our usual strain of influenza.  From what I understand, the part of this virus that attacks the lungs is pretty nasty, but over 80% of people who get the coronavirus (if they have healthy immune systems) get over it just fine with minor consequences during the battle.  Of the remaining people, it’s a real rough ride for those who are not super healthy in terms of their immune system, and for some it can be deadly.  You know, like our normal flu which kills more than 58,000 people worldwide each year (so far coronavirus has killed about 5,000).
I am not making light of this, but I do believe it is all being overblown.  But, because the coronavirus is actually a milder strain than what we are used to, the hysteria being put out there by the liberal left, and their media allies, is going to backfire.  We will come through this fairly easily, the President took necessary steps (even if they weren’t necessary), and he will come out of this like he handled it like a champ.
They want the coronavirus to be Trump’s Waterloo, or his Katrina.  Instead, it is going to be like everything else they try to throw at him … a winning moment for a President that has constantly been under assault.
I am not the only person who believes this whole thing is being blown out of proportion by the media, and the fact that Vice President Pence was the perfect candidate to handle the government’s part in containing the spread of the coronavirus disease.  Here’s Dr. Drew Pinsky:

As Dr. Drew said, this thing is so mild that there are people out there with it that don’t even realize they have it.  It’s a minor illness getting a major dose of media hysteria.  Quit panicking, be sensible, do what you normally do to be healthy (wash your hands, don’t cough on other people), in my case I start hammering away with “Emergen-C”, which is a product that slams my system with a lot of Vitamin C, seven different B Vitamins, antioxidants, magnesium, and zinc … all of which help with boosting one’s immune system.  Yeah, I would prefer not to come down with this simply because I don’t like to be sick, but I am not deathly afraid of it.  Let’s calmly handle this, and let’s move on once the reality of this whole thing finally sinks in and it is behind us.

Added note: As a sports fan I am saddened by the fact that all of the sporting events out there have shut down (NBA, MLS, NHL, NCAA March Madness) …. including the XFL and Golf.  Geez.  I hope this passes by before Opening Day, or we’ll have a short baseball season because of the fake news hysteria by the press, too.

Another added note: With the homeless problem in California, we’ve heard, “God help us if the coronavirus gets into the homeless population … it’ll spread like wildfire.”  How do you know it hasn’t already hit those populations.  They cough already just because they literally live in filth, and I am thinking that many of them do have the virus, but again, it is so mild, they don’t know it.  The ones who will suffer greatly will be those with lower immune systems, likely the elderly, but these same people are at risk every year with our normal flu.  You don’t see hysteria like this when the flu bug is going around.

As I’ve been saying all along: Be concerned, don’t be hysterical.

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