by Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

The extremists of the Democrat Party have decided that if you didn’t vote for Joseph Biden, you are a white supremacy extremist, and your “whiteness” is not welcome in government offices, or in the United States Military.  They have decided we must prioritize diversity over effectiveness, aptitude, or merit.  America’s governments at all levels, and America’s military is too white, and too non-liberal, and that just won’t do.
Matt Gaetz called all of this disgusting.

A tweet from the Pentagon has announced what they are up to, and that they even now have a “Chief of Diversity & Inclusion” of America’s Special Forces; Richard Torres-Estrada.

The website has provided us with their “diversity and inclusion strategic plan.”  As a veteran, I am here to tell you the effectiveness of the military is established in each individual when you are in boot camp. Nobody stands out, you are a unit, all colors, doesn’t matter who you think you are, those identities are gone.  In the military you cease to be black, white, Asian, Hispanic, quirky, cool, dynamic, funny, or different.  In the end, all you are is a member of the military, and around you are your brothers.  All other things no longer exist.

What the Democrats are doing is a) seeking to make sure their protected classes (minorities, homosexuals, transgender cross-dressing people) are celebrated and danced out into the middle of the circle so that everyone may be forced to accept them, and b) if you don’t, you’re gone.  Doesn’t matter if you are the best rifleman in the company, if your politics don’t fit the Democrats, and you dare to let them know about it, you’re gone.  The best and the brightest is no longer what the military is looking for.  They want drones who believe what the Democrats are offering, or you are gone.
Tucker Carlson stated it would lead to a “dramatic lowering of standards within our elite ranks.”  That’s an understatement.  There are realities in life, and in war.  In the end it all boils down to, “though the training is specific, if you allow distractions, human nature will lead to a hiccup in the operations, and that hesitation or distraction will kill members of the unit.
As for the new guy running this garbage, Richard Torres-Estrada; he is a “defund police” kind of guy who supports the Marxist Black Lives Matter organization, and made comparisons of Donald J. Trump to Hitler on his Facebook page.
(sarcasm pump #1, engage…) You know, a patriotic American who we want in the mix defending our liberty way of life.
We are becoming weaker, and the rest of the world is like a dog who recognizes fear in a trembling visitor, growling, and ready to strike.
Tucker Carlson reported that the Suez Canal, one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world, is blocked by a stranded container ship.  Is there something nefarious going on, there?  Probably.  But our military is more busy trying to decide if they should discharge personnel who disagrees with men putting on high heels, than to act upon this emergency situation.
Our military is under a “stand-down” order issued by the new Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, the defense contractor who is now running the military, because they haven’t figured out exactly how to purge the military of non-leftist thinking personnel, yet.  Besides, shenanigans in the Suez Canal is not a threat to these people.  Neither is China, communism, or Islam.  The real threat is you, folks who don’t agree with the hard left politically.  The political purge of the military, and of America, has taken the seat up front on the priority list.
Discrimination must be addressed by promoting discrimination.  Extremism must be addressed by promoting extremism.  Isn’t that the message?  Disagreeing with them is somehow a big enough crime to have you kicked out of the military, but if you agree with their dangerous extremism, you are celebrated for it.
Here’s a link to the Tucker Carlson article I referred to:
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