By Douglas V. Gibbs
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My mask is off.  I only began wearing it because you couldn’t get into any businesses if you weren’t wearing a face mask, and I needed to buy a few groceries.  This whole “you must be wearing a mask in order to get into the store” thing kind of reminds me of that Bible verse about the Mark of the Beast, and how you won’t be able to buy or sell without the antichrist’s mark somewhere on your body.  Could such a mark be something that verifies you are not infected?  Or an enemy of the state?  They might as well sew a yellow star to our clothing.

The mask I have been wearing is one of those that goes around your neck and then you pull it up to cover your mouth and nose.  A friend of mine gave it to me.  They wear them when they go motorcycle riding.  I kind of wish I used to have one of these masks when I was in construction for twenty years.  Fourteen of those years were in the trenching industry, and I ate a lot of dust over the years.

We have been told these coronavirus policies are in place because the experts in government, and surrounding our government officials, have recommended them.  The experts are always right, we are told, even though they’ve been pretty much wrong during this entire alleged pandemic.

Expert: An “ex” is a has-been, and a s”pert” is a drip.

I am beginning to believe that we might need to change the term expert, when referring to these folks, to something more appropriate, like “puppets” or “lackeys”.

We have been introduced to brand new terms.  Social distancing.  Shelter-in-place.  Flatten the curve.

We have been relegated to our homes, and our basic natural rights and liberties have been stripped from us, in the name of keeping us safe from this killer virus, so that we may “flatten the curve”, which is necessary (we are told) so that our medical facilities are not overwhelmed with hundreds of thousands of sick people.  The timeline could be long, beyond the end of summer, but it is necessary for as long as they say it is necessary, even if it collapses our economy.

At this point of one of my COVID-19 rants I am usually called a racist, or a bigot, because I apparently want to reopen the economy so that more black and brown people can die.  My Mexican wife, when she hears those accusations, just laughs.  So do my friends I grew up with when I was a tyke on the mean streets of North Long Beach.

Because of the severity and horrible nature of the coronavirus, we have been told, if we don’t flatten the curve, our health care system may be overwhelmed by the sick and dying and that would cause people to die who could have otherwise been saved.  Allowing people to die like that is just not acceptable.  We must flatten the curve in order to save lives.

By the way, during the pandemic, all abortion clinics have remained open.

With that in mind, I thought the pro-abortion people say “my body, my choice.”  Shouldn’t that be true about my decision on going out into public, with or without a mask, and whether or not I buy into the social distance bologna?

Shelter-in-place, to put it another way, is the practice of quarantining the healthy.  We obeyed, we were good Americans, and we agreed to lock ourselves inside our homes as the virus slowly worked its way through our society.  We stopped working.  We stopped buying.  We stopped going out to eat.  We stopped pursuing entertainment venues, going to ballgames, going to the movies, and going to bars.  We have refrained from traveling around the country.  And, when it got hot, we were even banned from going to the park, or the beach.  But, that’s okay, we told ourselves.  We are saving lives.

Never mind how many lives may be lost during an economic collapse, nor how many hospital beds are empty during this time period in which we were told we would be overwhelmed with patients coughing and wheezing and dying from the big bad coronavirus.

The authoritarians then kicked into high gear, and passed laws or made executive orders or pushed policies that no liberty-loving American in their right mind would have thought was possible in a place like the United States of America.  Pastors have been fined for holding church services.  Citizens have been fined for going to the park or to the beach, because the only allowable travel is to the grocery store, or to seek medical attention.

And the truth is, the coronavirus was never about anything they told us.  They knew that this was never about saving the healthcare system from crashing, because we have saved the system from crashing already, and most of us are still in lockdown.  And what about States with low populations?  Why are we demanding that they are on lockdown?  Do we really think this coronavirus will overwhelm their healthcare systems?

Never mind the fact that anti-body studies have increased the estimates of the number of infected so high that when you compare the numbers of folks who are actually symptomatic, or the number of deaths (even the padded deceptive numbers) to even the most conservative estimates of worldwide cases of the coronavirus, it turns out you have a better chance of being struck by lightning that dying from COVID-19 … and that number is even more ridiculously low if you are not a member of any of the groups at risk (elderly, low immunity systems due to other health issues, etc.).

There is no curve to flatten.

The experts were wrong, and the authoritarians in government offices are loving it.

I can’t believe how paranoid people are over this, too.  I see people walking their dogs with masks on.  Driving their car, as they are alone in their car, with a mask on.  A friend of mine was yelled at by a leftist loony for not having her mask on in the parking lot, as she walked alone, more than twenty feet from anyone.

They say that we should still plan for the worst.  It is better to be safe than sorry.

Destroying the economy is not sorry enough for these folks?  We planned for the worst and the worst didn’t happen.  And now that it is essentially over, lockdowns are being extended.

Why?  Why are they extending the deception and misinformation as far as they are?

Because this has nothing to do with a virus.  It is all about the liberal left shoving their agenda into place, despite your protests, despite who is President, and despite the laws of the country or the U.S. Constitution.  After Hillary Clinton lost they lost all of their patience, and the coronavirus, in their minds, is the perfect excuse to push their authoritarian agenda into place, anyway.
“We have to wait until there is zero risk” they say.
There will never be a zero risk.  You want zero risk?  Don’t drive your car.  Don’t go outside.  Don’t participate in any activity.  Don’t plug anything into your wall outlets, and for God’s Sake, don’t cook for yourself.
We have waited too long, we have screwed our economy a bit too much, and I want to go to a restaurant, have a couple tacos, chips and salsa, and order a margarita … and none of that will be possible if we crash the whole economy and we are all living in cardboard boxes, looking over our shoulders every time we hear someone cough.  We need to open America now!  And I am not talking some careful, bit by bit, reopening.  Throw the doors open, and let’s get back to the American Way.
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