By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

I was reading an article about how in Oregon the Democrat Governor, Kate Brown, is expanding, again, her orders regarding COVID-19.  Like other governors, she is doing it without legislation, expecting people to treat her authoritarian overreach with executive orders, which are not legally binding, as law.  In the article, one sentence especially caught my attention:

State epidemiologist Dr. Dean Sidelinger said if you see people you know not following the guidelines, “call them out on it.”

Polls have shown that Democrats are not only more likely to snitch on their neighbors to the government, but by an incredibly large margin compared to their Republican counterparts.
Here in California the madness, thanks to idiot governor Gavin Newsom, is at dictatorial heights.

The attitude of having neighbors turn against neighbors is even happening in my own, very conservative, community of Murrieta, California.  A few weeks ago someone slammed me against the wall for not wearing a mask, saying as he did so, “Wear a f***ing mask, a**hole!”  A few days ago an old woman began to give me the third degree while we were at the grocery store, and while my wife decided to wear a mask, I was not.  When the elderly woman was finished with her finger-wagging lecture of how I am the type of person killing people, my wife pulled off her mask and said, “What are you worried about, you have a mask on.”  I, then, finished with, “I have medical exemptions, but if you want to force me to wear a mask, I will need your name so that I know who to sue for violating my rights as a disabled person as you force me to wear a medical device, which also means you are guilty of practicing medicine without a license.”

The lady scrunched her eyes together with a wrinkle in the forehead, then shook her head in admonition as she walked away.  
Who is she to demand that I wear a face mask?
As I stated before, in a system of liberty, choice is the key component.  And, as the old quote goes, if I am willing to sacrifice liberty for safety, I deserve neither.
Liberal politicians, and judges, are telling us the Bill of Rights is suspended until the coronavirus is cured.
I don’t recall any caveat in the Bill of Rights saying “unless there’s a virus.”  Wearing a face covering is harmful to my health.  Why would I allow people claiming they are using science, when in reality they are dead opposite of science and medicine, to dictate to me to wear something that I know is dangerous to put on my face?
In truth, this isn’t about a virus (and they are using fake numbers to convince you all hell is breaking loose) just like the Floyd riots are not about racism.  It’s all about stopping Trump’s reelection, and trying to overthrow the U.S. Constitution.  It’s about Liberty versus TyrannyWe are at war, and if this war doesn’t succeed for them, God knows what’s next.  One thing is for sure, they are trying to destroy our economy while they are at it.

I can see them now, running their hands together, “Mu-wa-ha-ha-ha-ha, that’ll stop Trump in his tracks.”

Are you getting that?  They want people to lose their homes and go hungry for their political greed … because in the end, the ends justify the means to them.
I have been in full defiance.  Have you?  Or, like the rest of the sheep, are you wearing a mask and hiding behind your door at home?
My message to the liberal left loons?
Have me arrested. I dare you.  
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