By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

A part of the premise for the liberal left claiming that “no human is illegal” is the belief that the land inhabited by Americans in the Southwest United States is stolen land.

We always hear the old saying, “the winners write the history,” but more often than not that is not true.  For example, the Mexican-American War, despite what we have been told, was not a war of American expansionism.  In truth, it was a war of liberation.

In 1824, the Mexican government wrote a constitution based on ours, hoping that Mexico would be able to throw off the attitude of Roman authoritarianism, and instead adopt the concept of Saxon liberty.  They even set up States in Mexico, in the hope of being more like the United States.  However, the drive for liberty was short-lived when a blood-thirsty dictator by the name of Santa Anna arose.  He tore up the constitution, and began a campaign of killing anyone who stood against him, including those who stood in favor of Mexico’s 1824 constitution.

The Mexican people were being slaughtered, and many of the regions called out to the United States for help.  In the northern area, north of where today’s Mexican-American border is, only three Mexican settlements existed.  Santa Fe, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.  The remaining settlements were by Americans (at the urging of the Mexican government because most Mexicans would not settle in those areas, complaining they were too cold and too rocky).  As Santa Anna engaged in his killing spree, one region, the Yucatan Peninsula (which consisted of five Mexican states) actually went before Congress to ask for the area to be admitted as a State in the United States.  However, the Missouri Compromise, which was in place at the time, required any State south of Missouri’s southern border to be admitted as a slave State, and the Yucatan refused to offer themselves as anything other than a free State.  So, the Slave States’ representatives in the United States Congress voted against Yucatan’s request, and the area shortly after was forced to endure Santa Anna’s dictatorial punishment for daring to make the request.  As the United States became more engaged in a war with Santa Anna’s Mexico, soundly defeating the massive Mexican Army with a much smaller number of troops, the spoils of war wound up going to the United States, which basically included all of the lands that was being settled by Americans, anyway.  Nonetheless, while it was not necessary, the United States provided funds after the war for the lands in the hopes it would help rebuild the war-battered Mexican landscape south of the new American border.

The drive for open borders, of course, has more to do with globalism than it does Mexican claims that the Southwest United States is stolen land.  The globalists wish to erase borders, and dissolve national sovereignty so that the people of the world can fall under a united global system.  What they don’t tell you is that it is all based on Marxist principles, and totalitarian expectations.  The Democrats also want open borders because they have erroneously convinced people they are the party of the poor and the needy, even though all of their policies create poverty, and work to benefit the wealthy and powerful (who agree with them politically).

While I agree that no human is illegal, humans can be illegally in a country.  As Thomas Jefferson once reminded us, “a country without borders is not a country.”

From my point of view, it is as simple as protecting our home.  We lock the doors of our homes not because we hate everyone on the outside, but because we love everyone on the inside.  Even when we are home we don’t just throw our door open and allow anybody to walk right in.  We look through the eye-hole, or peek around the corner of the door with it only cracked open, in order to identify and vet the person at the door before letting them in.

This country is our home.  All I ask is that immigrants knock on the door, and go through the vetting process that includes ensuring they are not dangerous (criminal history, make sure they have no ties to drug cartels or terrorist groups, etc.).  To do that we need to secure the border (and walls make the best obstacles) and enforce the immigration laws we have on the books.  If they are too harsh, fine, adjust the laws.  If you think families are getting separated and the facilities are not very nice for the illegals, first of all they brought it upon themselves by crossing illegally, and second, the border patrol has been asking for more funding so that the process can be less painful and the facilities can better accommodate the massive numbers they are facing.  But, the Democrats keep shooting down any chance for that funding.  So when idiots like AOC complains about the facilities, and calls them concentration camps, isn’t it her own party that has enabled the poor conditions she is complaining about by refusing to provide more funding for ICE and the Border Patrol?

As for the kids in cages accusation, that happened during the Obama administration, it is not happening during the Trump presidency.  I can’t believe the Democrat faithful are so gullible that they believe that whopper.

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