By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

If you are convinced something is true, even if it is not, you will see it even when it does not exist.  For example, Black Lives Matter folks believe all white people are racist, and then they see racism in everything a white person does, even if it is anything but racist.  Socialists believe capitalism is bad, so regardless of the overall picture, anything and everything about the free market to them looks evil.  I never noticed very many gold colored Camrys on the road until I bought one, then suddenly it seemed like one of the most common cars on the road.  When we focus our attention on something, we can literally think it into truth in the deep dark depths of our minds.

This is what happens when people but blinders on, and only see what they expect to see.

The Russian Collusion hoax has done much of the same thing.  Even though it is a lie created by the Clintons and their allies, for those who believe it they see circumstantial evidence everywhere that Donald J. Trump is some kind of Russian asset.  Never mind that there is a grand total of zero provable pieces of evidence out there.  Yes, there is a whole lot of speculation, presumptions, and hearsay…but none of it is true, hard core, undeniable evidence.

Trump’s emergence on the political scene has created a very interesting phenomenon in the United States.  His election as President of the United States has severed friendships, split up families, and has sent the idea of civil discourse screaming bloody and beaten out the window.  And, from a Never-Trumper’s point of view, any Russian intrusion into our society is confirmation that the Russia, Russia, Russia narrative is true, and Trump is to blame.

A former member of my team, radio co-host and writer on this website, JASmius, is convinced that Donald J. Trump is something worse than Hillary Clinton ever could be.  All of the good news that comes out of the Trump presidency is not true to him, or has a dark lining.  What is worse is he’s not a Democrat.  He is a conservative Never-Trumper.  He sees disaster in every turn the president makes, and believes he is more destructive to the GOP than any Democrat could possibly be.

Then, I saw this from him:

Hector Alejandro Cabrera Fuentes, it turns out, is a Mexican communist arrested for his actions as a Russian asset.  He was arrested for being in Florida on behalf of Russia without notifying the Attorney General, and conspiracy to do the same.  In other words, he kept his presence secret, and purposely tried not to attract attention.  According to the report, Fuentes was directed by the Russian government to be in Florida, and operate under a different name.

What is there to spin, Mr. JASmius?

The whole thing over the Russian Collusion hoax is not that Russia is not trying to infiltrate us, is not trying to spy on us, and is not trying to influence our elections.  Nobody ever said that.  I do believe Russian operatives are swarming throughout the U.S., and that Putin’s administration is actively trying to create havoc in our system.  There is no denial that Russian collusion exists.  The argument is that it is not with the current Trump administration.

I remember reading months ago that a report emerged saying that evidence revealed proof-positive that Russia was trying to influence our 2016 Presidential Election, but that it was not geared to help Trump or Hillary Clinton, it was all simply about causing doubts among the populace and chaos in our system.

Fuentes is simply an example of what I am saying.  Yes, Russia is the bad guy.  Yes, Russia has agents infiltrating our country, and likely in our government.  But no, I do not believe Trump is involved in any Russian collusion.  In fact, I believe Russian collusion is in play, but Russia is working with the Democrats, not Trump.  It is the progressives in this country, after all, who more resemble the Marxist ideology of Russia, so a Russia, Russia, Russia relationship with the Democrat Party makes all the sense in the world.

That’s not spin; that’s just fact.

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