By Douglas V. Gibbs
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I cut the cord on cable last year, cutting my internet/television bill nearly in half.  I chose YouTube TV, due to its versatility regarding devices and where in the United States I can access it (pretty much anywhere I have an internet connection), and the fact that it carries pretty much all of the channels I watch, except NFL Network and One America News.  No big deal.  One can buy the entire NFL package for about a hundred bucks, and I can watch One America News, or at least the highlights, on their YouTube channel.  Anyway, with my YouTube TV account, when I am looking stuff up to watch, not live TV, but On Demand or stuff in my library, you can break it down, so if you want sports, you ask for all of the sports, if you want Science Fiction or Drama, you enter those words.  While browsing, however, earlier this morning I noticed a fascinating thing.  Shows and movies with a Christian theme are listed under “Fantasy.”

A hard left loonie that used to comment on Political Pistachio regularly, and the primary reason I monitor, regulate, and require my approval of comments before they appear on the website, used to give me heck about my Faith in Christ.  He used the usual arguments, all of which fall flat on their face when the real facts are scrutinized.  And, in the end, he always called God the “Magical Sky Wizard.”

From Tom’s point of view believing in God is no different than believing in the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, the Loch Ness Monster, or Sasquatch.  If anything, from his point of view, the two latter monsters of fiction have a better chance of being real than The Almighty.  So, from his point of view, if you believe in the Christian God, you are either gullible, crazy, or stupid.

He also has tried to pull the “contradictions in the Bible” thing with me on many occasions, and of course there are no contradictions or errors, if you approach God’s Word with the proper context.

The Founding Fathers used a different term when referring to Our Heavenly Father.  They said, and wrote, “Divine Providence.”  And, they not only were “all” believers of the One and True God, most of them were active in their churches as members of the clergy, and so forth.  Thomas Jefferson was often critical of organized religion, and tended not to be a church-goer, so often his Christianity was questioned.  He once responded to his critics in a letter to Mr. Charles Thompson, writing, “I am a REAL CHRISTIAN, that is to say, a disciple of the doctrines of Jesus…” and then he went on to explain how he thought he was more of a Christian than many of the church-goers, and even more so than many pastors, because rather than interpret the Scripture to fit his desire of who God should be to the point that their teachings were “beyond the comprehension of man,” he recognized the Scripture as it was originally intended, “A more beautiful of precious morsel of ethics I have never seen.”

The Declaration of Independence ends with the words, “with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.” 

The Constitutional Convention in 1787 began each session, thanks to the calling to do so by Benjamin Franklin (another person who often faced doubts by other people regarding his Faith), with a prayer to the one and only God of Abraham.  Today’s tradition of praying before each session of Congress was inspired by that practice over two hundred years ago, and today we also still maintain the motto, “In God We Trust.”

The goals of the liberal left progressive Marxists have always been to silence religion, and to attack head-on God’s creations (family unit, individualism, our Natural Rights, etc.).  That is what set the French Revolution apart from the American Revolution.  The American Revolution was reliant upon the protection of Divine Providence so as to establish a society that is individual-centric.  The French Revolution was determined to bring about a secular society founded upon collectivism.  The former led to the birth of the greatest and most successful society and culture in world history, while the latter failed to change anything, and after all of the bloodshed and chaos led to an oligarchy led by the revolutionaries, and then was followed by the rule of a line of brutal dictators.

In 2012 the Democrats voted God off their platform, only returning him to it after public criticism and despite a voice vote that clearly voted to keep God off.  During the coronavirus COVID-19 “pandemic”, Democrat Party leaders in various Stateshave outlawed church services in the name of protecting everyone from a mild virus.

This is where their “anti-science” argument against the Republican Party, Trump and his supporters, and conservatives in general comes from.  They are convinced that since you believe in God, that makes you anti-science.  You reject evolution because you believe in creation, you stand against climate change because you believe it is in God’s hands (and a natural phenomenon that man has no control over), and now you reject their science regarding the coronavirus scare (even though, as with evolution and climate change, their models are either wrong, or manipulated).

In the end, what they are searching for is a singularity where their humanism, evolution (be it natural, or forced into place through technology), and the ascension of humanity’s greatness exceeds that of God.  Government, and the ruling elite, must become God, and as long as you believe in a Magical Sky Wizard, you have faith in God rather than the goodness and loving intentions of an authoritarian system of ruling elitist monsters.

I will take a loving God who was willing to take human form to be sacrificed on a Cross on Calvary so as to pay the price for all of our sins so that we may be able to have a relationship with God and ultimately enjoy eternal life with him, rather than purveyors of an ancient evil, if you ask me.

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