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Video from Congressman Clay Higgins Video Page

Note from Mr. Constitution: Any and all federal laws regarding guns are unconstitutional.  If laws are to exist regarding guns, they may be made by the States, but even the States, with this allowance, may only make necessary laws and may not cross the line infringing on an American’s right to keep and bear arms.  Despite the lack of constitutional authority, the Democrats in Congress are pushing for dangerous anti-gun laws that will endanger the opportunity for legal law-abiding citizens to preserve life by enabling guns to be owned and carried by legal citizens who, in a mass shooting type situation, would be the best defense against a shooter.  On top of that they are targeting what they call “mental health” by, if this bill was to become law, allowing Americans to turn fellow Americans in to law enforcement (a communist and fascist tactic, to say the least) which would then require a law enforcement officer to confiscate a legally owned firearm based on the request of an anonymous tip.  “Tyrannical” doesn’t even begin to explain how evil such an unconstitutional law would be…

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