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Technically, the States are supposed to take care of themselves.  Constitutionally, the federal government is not there to coddle the States, it is there to provide a common defense, and handle external issues such as trade, maritime law, foreign relations, and border security.  Internal issues that the federal government is authorized to be involved in are regarding protecting, preserving, and promoting the union (such as the post office, acting as a mediator in disputes regarding interstate commerce).
That said, due to unconstitutional mechanisms in place for more than a century, the power of the purse lies with the federal government, since we give it all to them thanks to the 16th Amendment (which also needs to be repealed, along with the 17th Amendment).  As a result, the States have come to depend upon certain things from the federal government, which includes various funding programs, as well as help when all hell breaks loose.
In the face of coronavirus hysteria, President Trump has been doing his best to make sure that we handle the situation with the proper amount of care, while doing what he can not to add to the hysterical nature of the situation that has been, in my opinion, stoked by the lamestream media.  However, he also understands enough about the U.S. Constitution that when it comes to things like this, it is really up to the States to take care of themselves.  It’s a tough balance, remaining constitutional, while not necessarily playing outside the rules of the game as established by progressive leftist madness over the last century, or so.
President Trump spoke to the governors of the various States of this country on Monday regarding the coronavirus, and the roles we should all be taking regarding this so-called crisis.  President Trump told the governors that while the federal government is doing what it can, it is best if the States also do their part, especially when it comes to securing medical equipment needed during this “crisis.”  The States, after all, can do a better job dealing with securing these items, than using a third party like the federal government.

President Trump specifically said, “We will be backing you, but try getting it yourselves. Point of sales, much better, much more direct if you can get it yourself.”

It is a sound recommendation.  Just as it is much better for me to secure the items I need here at home, rather than to ask some government official to make sure they get me my milk, eggs, and toilet paper.

The mainstream media, as always, grabbed what Trump said and lied about it, changing the context, and telling the public who is already on a hair trigger when it comes to their panic, “Trump told governors this morning they are on their own: “Respirators, ventilators, all of the equipment — try getting it yourselves,” Mr. Trump told the governors during the conference call.”
The leader of the pack is New York Times reporter Mara Gay, the same idiot who was telling the world on MSNBC that Mike Bloomberg’s $500 million used in his campaign could have been used to give every American a million bucks each (bad at arithmetic, and then some).  She deliberately cherry-picked President Trump’s words to make it sound like Trump told the governors they are on their own, and were getting no support from his administration.
Julie Bosman, another New York Times hack reporter did the same thing as Mara Gay and only used half of Trump’s quote.

This was irresponsible and misleading.

It was a deliberate lie.  But, are we surprised that the mainstream media is doing what it can to lie to the American People about this, too?

Remember, we caught them lying just a few days ago over Trump closing pandemic offices around the world claim.  Not only was that one not true, even liberal left fact-checkers are shaking their heads on that one.

This is what they do.  This is what they have always done.  The media is lying to the American people, and this time it is for the same reason the Democrats tried to impeach President Trump.  They want to undo your decision to make him President because they believe they know better than you.  They are elitist socialists, and they stand against the Constitution and Liberty … of which our President has been fighting for since day one.

Because of the mainstream media a panic regarding the coronavirus is already in full swing.  The empty shelves and maniacal behavior of people fighting over toilet paper and hand sanitizer is a direct result of their “fear-mongering” (if I may use a word they usually use).

They don’t care about Making America Great, or Keeping America Great.  They are anti-American who wish to create revolution to destroy the system of Liberty and Free Market Capitalism that has made this country prosper over the last two centuries.  They want civil unrest so that they can depose your President, and steal your freedom from your clutch.  You are nothing but a bunch of gun-clinging, Bible-thumping Neanderthals to them.  They call you deplorables for a reason.  Or, as President Trump has said, they actually hate you, and he is standing in their way taking the slings and arrows.

Don’t believe the lies.  Let’s stand firm with our President.

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