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World Health Organization Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said that the fatality rate for the coronavirus was much higher than that of the seasonal flu, claiming the coronavirus mortality rate is 3.4% (as opposed to the flu’s 0.1%).  The Imperial College study from London claimed half a million Brits would die in the pandemic and 2 million Americans would perish from COVID-19.

The false information was a large part of what created the hysteria that now has the whole world in a grip of panic … all because the liberal leftists of the world need to stop Trump if they are to be able to finish their plan to collapse America so that the world through globalism can become the new Tower of Babel.

After Trish Regan was let go for revealing the plans of the liberal left, now Laura Ingraham is ringing the same bell.

As we have been explaining on this website, while the coronavirus is indeed a killer of some people, overall it is weaker, milder, and less contagious than the seasonal flu.  The hysteria that has authoritarian measures in place and people staying home as the economy is under threat of faltering as a result has been manufactured and encouraged by the liberal media specifically to place liberty in their crosshairs.  Most people are immune, and the rate of infection and the mortality rate of the coronavirus is much less than what we are being told.  It is a scam, because the liberal left is running out of options when it comes to destroying the Trump presidency.

Instead of listening to scientists who don’t have a foot in the leftist agenda, we have been listening to the enemy and their allies.  America, please pull your heads out of your butts on this one.  Yes, an illness exists.  Yes, I’d rather not get sick.  And yes, there are people who have died from it because they have weakened immune systems, or other health issues that have left their lungs open to attack.  But overall the coronavirus is milder than any of the other respiratory viruses, and it is milder than the seasonal flu.  We are panicking over a sickness that can’t even compare to the swine flu, which Obama took ten months to respond to, and nobody stayed at home over.

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