By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

1. Trump did NOT cut funding to the CDC
2. Trump did NOT get rid of the pandemic unit at the NSC. It moved to another division with a different title.
3. Trump did NOT refuse to accept test kits from W.H.O.
4. Trump has NOT muzzled his scientists. China did that. Our scientists are on TV every day.
5. Trump did NOT tell Governors they are “On their own” when it comes to obtaining ventilators.
6. Trump did NOT call the Coronavirus a hoax. He called the left’s attempt to WEAPONIZE it against him a hoax.
7. The American people DO support President Trump’s actions against the Coronavirus. All of the polling data points to this.
8. The liberal media said Google had “no plans” to help with a website. However, Google announced they ARE helping with the website!
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