By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

We have been reporting that the number of people dying from COVID-19 is being severely misreported, and that the true number is lower than we are being told.  We have also been reporting that anti-body studies are showing that the actual number of cases of people who have had the coronavirus is a much larger number than we have believed.  The result is that the mortality rate is much much lower than what we have been told, much much lower than the seasonal flu, and so low that you have a better chance of being hit by lightning than to die from the Wuhan Chinese novel coronavirus.

Colorado is the latest example of a State realizing that the number of deaths is being attributed to the coronavirus is too high, and has revised their number of COVID deaths downward

Even the New York Times has admitted that the number being reported is too high.

Leftist tools like John Hopkins are refusing to adjust the overall number based on the new numbers being presented by various States.

Leftist news agencies, in an attempt to combat the truth, are reporting that States are lying when they reduce their numbers, accusing Florida of purposely doing so.

What we are also not being told is the fact that other deaths are on the rise due to the policies in place by the leftists in our various governments.  Aside from people being in pain because elective surgeries are being set aside to make room for a spike of coronavirus cases that was expected to overwhelm the hospitals, but never came, the stay at home rules are eating away at people, and those with mental health issues have now gone from managing their situations to becoming people at risk.  As a result, in California, for example, the number of suicides has skyrocketed to the point that a year’s worth of suicide attempts have occurred in the four weeks of the States heavy lockdown order.  In fact, the number of suicide deaths at a Bay Area Hospital exceeds the number of COVID-19 deaths at that facility.

The California lockdown order is not only killing people, but it is doing it in an illegal way.  The State Constitution gives the State government no authority to quarantine the healthy, and the policies by Governor Gavin Newsom are so bad that it has led the California Republican Party to the point of suing the governor for his totalitarian actions.

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