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A liberal said to me the other day, “Trump is so unpopular, even with Republicans, he may resign before we get the chance to impeach him.”

The liberal left lives in fantasyland.  The members of the GOP I know, aside from the rare never-trumpers, all support our president, and if anything, Donald Trump is more popular with the Republican Party than ever before.  Meanwhile, the anti-values antics of the Democrat Party have sent a horde of former democrats walking away from their party.  If the Democrats impeach President Trump, more democrats will walk away, and the support for our president by Republicans will increase even more.

On top of all of that, no matter what the Democrats do with impeachment, they will lose votes.

If they decide to abandon their call for impeachment they will betray their hard-left base who is demanding it.

If they do hold an impeachment vote in the House of Representatives, one of two things will happen.  Either Trump will be impeached, and the matter will then move to the Senate for trial, or he will not be impeached, and the Democrats will have egg on their face.

The vote, itself, carries a certain amount of drama.  Many of the new Democrats came to office on the backs of retiring Republicans, or voted out RHINOs.  Therefore, their districts are largely Republican, or at least right-of-center, but they were in a sense lucky to pull off the win.  In their minds, they can’t vote for impeachment, because it would likely kill their reelection chances.  If they do, while it is commendable that they would be putting their leftist principles above holding their seat, it would all but solidify their defeat in the next election, ensuring that the GOP regains control of those seats, and regains control of the House.

The very fact that impeachment is even on the table, I believe, assures a Republican re-takeover of the House, anyway.

If Pelosi and her Democrat crazies pull off an impeachment vote, the process is not over, and if anything I would be excited if it got so far as moving to the U.S. Senate.

I personally don’t think it’ll go to the Senate, but if it does, here’s what you can expect.

The Republicans control the Senate, and aside from maybe Susan Collins, or what’s-her-name Murkowski, the Republicans are going to stand together in support of the president.  While in the House impeachment only needs a majority vote, conviction and removal from office by the Senate requires two-thirds of a vote.  In short, it is almost a 100% likelihood that the President will not be removed from office.

With the GOP in control of the impeachment trial in the Senate, that means they will control the narrative … and, anything goes.  The democrats will be called to the stand and they will be set against each other, eating their own, hammered by the President’s team.  Heck, I would not be surprised if the Trump Team wants an impeachment trial in the Senate.  It would, to be honest, get very ugly for the Democrats very fast.

And it would even more so lead to a landslide for the President, and the Republicans in both Houses of Congress, in next year’s election.

So, Democrats, if you want impeachment, my response is, “Bring it on!  But realize, you do it at the risk of your own peril.”

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