At the bottom of the meme is says in very
small print “The American Resistance
Movement”, but the language used does not
fit their normal lexicon.  Therefore, while
the meme may be made to look like it is from
The American Resistance Movement, I have
come to the conclusion that it is not from them.

By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

On my Pinterest Account, in the wake of the Florida School Shooting, I came across an idiotic liberal left meme that pretty much explained to me how stupid and ignorant the Democrat base must truly be.

The image of a man with a very scary looking (from the point of view of the liberals) rifle in his hands, a bald head, and a full beard is shown with the following words around it: “People need to start respecting the flag of the government I am stockpiling arms against.”

It’s a feeble attempt at trying to show some kind of hypocrisy among those who love guns and claim to be patriotic conservatives. However, what the meme really shows is how stupid the left is, and how much of a socialist lemming the writer of the meme truly is.

First of all, when you recite the pledge of Allegiance, is it to the government for which it stands?  Of course not.

Like any other conservative, I don’t love the government.  I love my country – the republic (not a democracy).

The Framers of the Constitution explained over and over again that government is a necessary evil, and if it becomes tyrannical, “it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government.” — The Declaration of Independence.

Which brings us to another idiotic liberal left Democrat use of language.

The liberal left has been calling the supporters of Trump, and pretty much all Republicans and conservatives (the two aren’t always one and the same) “Nationalists.”  The feeble attempt in that choice of language is to connect Trump and his “right-wing” supporters to the NAZIs, who were “nationalists.”  After all, the “N” in Nazi stands for “National.”

They seem to forget that “socialist” is also a part of the NAZI acronym, and that Adolph Hitler’s campaign promises included health care for all, and gun control.

The reality is that the American political party closest to nationalism is not the GOP.  It’s the liberal left Democrats, especially if you go by the language used by the idiot who created the above pictured meme.

From the point of view of the Framers of the U.S. Constitution, here’s the definitions of nationalism and patriotism . . . and after reading them it should be clear who really deserves the title “Nationalist.”

Nationalism – Nationalists, during the era of the Founding Fathers, were people who
believed in a political ideology involving a strong identification of a group
of individuals with a political entity defined in national terms.  There are various strands of
nationalism.  The ideology may dictate
that citizenship in a state should be limited to one ethnic, cultural or
identity group.  Nationalism may also
include the belief that the state is of primary importance, which becomes the
unhealthy love of one’s government, accompanied by the aggressive desire to
build that governmental system to a point that it is above all else, and
becomes the ultimate provider for the public good.

– Wholesome, constructive love of one’s land and people.

The 2nd Amendment was placed in the Constitution to guard against a tyrannical government.  Patriotism is not love of government, as suggested in the meme.  Government is the potential enemy.

The Federal Government was seen as the greatest threat against our Natural Rights.  That is why the language of the Bill of Rights is negative in terms of federal authorities.

The 1st Amendment begins, “Congress shall make no law.” The 2nd Amendment ends, “shall not be infringed.” The 3rd Amendment begins, “No soldier shall.” In the middle of the 4th Amendment it states, “shall not be violated.” In short, the Bill of Rights does not tell the government to guarantee our rights, it tells the government “hands off our rights”. Don’t touch. None of your darn business.

When something is a right, it means that you should have access to it without any central government interference.

The Right to Keep and Bear Arms was specifically designed to protect our rights, and to be used to alter or abolish a tyrannical government should it come to that.

The flag represents our republic, a union of States that form a country called the United States.  The government is not America, and the flag is not “of the government.”  The government is a mechanism in place to protect, preserve and promote the union – a republic for which the flag stands.  However, if that government should become tyrannical, you are darn-tootin’ that I am stockpiling, and ready for action.  Should things go wrong, and head in the direction of tyranny, there are plenty of us ready to do what needs to be done.

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