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The Democrats in Washington are bent on stomping on the U.S. Constitution at every chance they get.  They want government control over your lives at every turn, despite the fact that the Constitution gives the federal government no such allowances.  The latest one is H.R. 3, the so-called “Lower Drug Costs Now Act.” H.R. 3 would institute not one, but two different government price-control schemes that are not only unconstitutional, but have socialism written all over them.

A part of what makes this country great, and what led to the prosperity we have enjoyed for over a couple hundred years is our free market economic system.  Competition by private entities for your business creates innovation and the best products in the world.  A large part of the reason drug prices are high in the United States is because of the government influence that already exists.  Now, Nancy Pelosi and gang want to put into place government price-control schemes that will distort the market, and create more problems than solutions in the long run.

The consequences will be severe.  Innovation will be slapped in the face, reducing any incentive regarding research and development, therefore killing much of our access to new life-saving medications.  Wait times for treatments will lengthen as the quality goes down.  And, in the long run, more government influence will, in the long run, increase prices, not decrease them, and then when government tries to put more price controls forcing pricing to fit their demands, we will see companies struggle, and ultimately close their doors forever.

The scheme on how Pelosi is trying to do this is also diabolical.  She is trying to sneak this through while everyone is distracted by the upcoming Holiday Season, and the Democrat Party’s deceitful impeachment inquiry.  It won’t work if your Congress-critters are paying attention, and they hear from us.  Not only do we need to tell our Congress-critters to refuse to play along with the impeachment madness, but to stand firmly opposed to socialized medicine in America … which includes this bill.

Contact your House member about these things that concern you.  Ask them to oppose H.R. 3, as well as any other proposal that may include government price setting schemes and government interference in our free market economy.  Stand firm in support of capitalism.  Don’t let them steal our freedom, and our prosperity.

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