By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

Today is Easter Sunday, the day of the year that Christians celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Resurrection separates Jesus Christ from all other religious figures in history, for it is only Jesus that was able to conquer death. Jesus Christ also revealed his deity in other ways. He created sight for a man blind from birth, and returned Lazarus from the dead.

Jesus Christ was born to die. His life, and sacrifice on The Cross, were predicted throughout the Old Testament. “God With Us” lived and died so that He may bear the sins of the world, and be the ultimate pure sacrifice. God cannot look upon sin, but as a Born Again Christian filled with the Holy Spirit, we are blanketed by Jesus’ blood from The Cross. When God looks upon us after we have received His Grace, He does not see our sinful nature, but instead the purity of Jesus Christ.

According to Scripture, after a brutal beating at the hands of the Romans, and death by being nailed to a cross on a hill with two criminals beside him, three days later Jesus was raised from the dead.

On Good Friday, the death of Jesus is commemorated, and then on Easter Morning the Glorious Celebration of His Resurrection commences. Jesus paid the penalty for sin, thus purchasing for all who believe in Him, eternal life in Christ Jesus.

Pagan attributes have been added to Easter, as has happened with Christmas, so as Christians, we separate the non-Christian Easter traditions from Resurrection Day. It’s fine to let the kids find Easter Eggs, and believe in the Easter Bunny, but in the end, after all of the commercialization of Easter is dealt with, it is important to remember that the reason for Easter is not what The World says it is, but what the Bible says it is.

Hence, why I often call Easter “Resurrection Day.” It is, after all, the Resurrection of Jesus Christ that we are celebrating. It is the Good News that “He Is Risen” that we celebrate, cherish, and Thank God for.

“He Is Risen,” to Save all who are willing to come to Him. “He Is Risen,” and all those who will repent from their sins shall enjoy Eternity with our Lord. “He Is Risen.” How Glorious Is His Name.

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