By Douglas V. Gibbs
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The liberal left establishment was in a panic.  Not only had Hillary Clinton lost the presidency, but she lost it to Donald J. Trump, a man who not only was outside the system and could not be controlled, but he actually had ideas that could set back their plans to make the United States a socialist country decades, if not generations.  The good news, from their point of view, is that Trump and his team were for the most part inexperienced in the ways of politics and legal games.  That meant that they could get away with things that they could not normally get away with when it came to more experienced administrations.  The problem was, one man with experience, and the ability to sniff out B.S., was on Trump’s team, and if they were going to neutralize Trump, and possibly get rid of him, they would have to dispose of an obstacle, National Security Advisor General Michael Flynn, first.  Flynn knew how the intelligence system works, he understood the deep secrets about the FBI, and if Flynn was still by Trump’s side during the bogus Russian Collusion investigation, Flynn would realize it was bogus, and would start blowing whistles.

So, they targeted Flynn, willing to use an abuse of FBI power to do it. They got him to sign a phony admission of guilt after threatening to go after his son, and as quickly as they had hoped, Flynn was gone.  The mainstream media ran interference, and it went over so well that even Republicans were angry with the man.

They Democrat leadership was positive they had gotten away with it using the same smug arrogance they muster when they pull off everything else that is sleazy, dishonest, deceptive and designed to crush the American System so that they can erect a new framework, a structure of socialism.  They want a socialist revolution without a shot being fired, and General Flynn was simply collateral damage.

What happened to General Flynn throws wide open the doors of government, or at least it should have.  The situation reveals what the deep state, the establishment, the Democrat Elite, or whatever you want to call it, is truly all about.  There is a level of control that exists in the deep corridors of the federal government, and in America in general, that nobody has ever seemed to notice, except for an observant few; a group of souls, by the way, who have been labeled as liars, and conspiracy theorists.

A permanent class of elitists, and their allies, reside in government, and Donald Trump was poised to upset the apple cart.  General Flynn already had his enemies, but now that he was on Trump’s team in the early phase of the businessman’s presidency, Flynn was targeted for removal because he was dangerous to the leftist cause.  They decided he needed to be destroyed, no matter what, no matter how, and as soon as possible.  With Flynn in the way, it would be more difficult to destroy Trump later.

The ploy began with the accusation that Flynn was a secret Russian agent, a perfect accusation considering the Russian Collusion narrative against Trump.  Then, all they had to do was entrap him, which they did, on a dishonest perjury charge.

When it comes to fighting against the ruling elitist lefties, resistance is futile.  So, when Flynn resisted, for the liberal left it was only a minor irritant that called for more diabolical threats.  They cornered him by threatening to go after his son if he did not sign a confession.  So, to save his son, General Flynn, in his own military manner, fell on his own sword, and signed the bogus confession.

Tom Clancy, Vince Flynn or David Baldacci couldn’t have come up with anything so sinister.  You would imagine such a thing happening in a communist country, or one being led by a two-bit dictator. The thing is, the story of General Michael Flynn happened in the United States, and the details have only emerged the last couple days.

Fortunately for General Flynn a written record exists, and it has been exposed.

According to documents that have emerged this week the Michael Flynn prosecution was dirty, and the former National Security Advisor to Donald Trump, should be exonerated.  The documents reveal that the left used a perjury trap against General Flynn, and coercion based on a threat regarding his son, to get him to sign a confession.

On January 4, 2017 the FBI decided to close its investigation of Michael Flynn and his alleged ties to Russia.  With all of the hours of investigation, they had found nothing.  However, the case was not closed because FBI official Peter Strzok, who was Chief of the Counterespionage Section of the FBI at the time, demanded that the investigation remain open.  The plan was to invent a crime out of thin air, and then use that to destroy Michael Flynn.  Besides, they needed to keep the Russia Russia Russia investigation against Donald J. Trump open, and continuing to go after Flynn would help in that endeavor.

Peter Strzok had apparently been taking notes from secret police tactics of historical dictatorships, and he lied about how he operated over and over, all because he, like his deep state cohorts, had determined General Flynn must be destroyed.

A year later Strzok testified before Congress that he never used bias in any of his investigations.  Ever.  He lied to Congress, and he acted deceptively while in the FBI.  The man should be in prison.

Political meddling by Strzok was not limited to his involvement in ruining General Flynn’s life.  It was he who worked with James Comey to put out the determination by the FBI that Hillary’s illegal email server was not actually illegal, it was merely “extremely careless” and “grossly negligent”; language that kept it from being a criminal offense.

One may remember the text-communication between Strzok and Lisa Page where he proclaimed there was an “insurance policy” against Trump, and where he promised to “stop him”.

When it came to moving against General Flynn, Strzok conjured a charge associated with the Logan Act, a law straight out of the mothballs of history.  The law was one that has never been pursued to the point of conviction since its inception in 1799.  The law disallows civilians from conducting diplomacy with foreign countries.  I can’t count how many times I’ve seen Democrats guilty of the law, but it has never been pursued, until it became a convenient way to go after Flynn.

The FBI set up a time to interview Flynn without White House permission or knowledge.  They planned to get him to misspeak, or perhaps even lie, so as to prosecute him, or get him removed from the Trump administration.  One misstated fact about a phone call did it.  Flynn was cornered because the FBI had spied on the phone call Flynn had had with an ambassador, and knew every single word used.  They set him up, and destroyed Flynn and his family when they caught him not remembering the exact words used in the phone call.  Once Flynn was out of the way, Strzok then continued to his next dirty deed, and in late 2018 former Director of the FBI James Comey actually laughed during a taped interview about how easy it was to set Flynn up.

Now that we know what happened to Michael Flynn, and how dirty it was, how could we not doubt that Crooked Hillary knew dang well her secret email servers were illegal and she was using them for notorious reasons.  And how could we not doubt that the FISA requests were obtained through dubious means for the purpose of creating and putting into action a politically motivated investigation that was designed to deceptively take out political enemies like Michael Flynn and Donald J. Trump?

Written records clearly reveal statements like “are we getting him to lie to get him fired.”  James Comey, Peter Strzok, Andrew McCabe, and various other allies, knew exactly what they were doing and they were there to illegally use the FBI as a political weapon with police state tactics to destroy those they disagreed politically with.

James Comey, Peter Strzok, Andrew McCabe, and everyone else involved don’t believe they are bound by any rules or laws.  They saw themselves as independent from the rule of law, and that they were fully allowed to act illegally to destroy political opponents.  It goes back to the old Marxist belief that the ends justifies the means.  They were willing to do whatever it took to destroy Flynn so that they would have a better shot at destroying Trump.

Now, the truth has surfaced.  Flynn should be set free, and Comey, Strzok, and McCabe should be in jail – and that should just be a start with the long list of people who belong behind bars.

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