By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

If liberals understood history, and economics, they would not be progressives.  Everything comes with a price, and payment must be extracted from somewhere.  There is nothing free in life, and things are not static.  Every action has a reaction, and the consequences for what the Democrats are doing to California will come to a head during the new Gavin Newsom governership … especially if he gets a super-majority in both houses of the State legislature as is being suggested once all of the votes are counted.

Conservatives see the writing on the wall, and are ready to flee from the State.  The Middle Class is being gutted, anyway, by the Democrats.  Before long, all it will be in California is Hollywood liberals, homosexuals, and illegal aliens.

There’s a contract for failure associated with everything California has been doing, and Gavin Newsom is about to double-down on it.

California will be the next Venezuela.

Gavin Newsom as Governor will make sure of it.

A super-majority of Democrats in the legislature will allow Gavin Newsom to do as he pleases, and his desires are radical, communist, and Satanic.

The California public putting the Democrats in this kind of control is like horses voting for a glue factory to own their corral.

It’s like slugs voting for salt to be their go-to leadership.

It’s like lambs voting for the butchers to lead them to the slaughter.

Evil is on the rise, and California is going to fall even harder than it already has.

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