By Douglas V. Gibbs
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We’ve gone through this before, kind of. The late sixties and early seventies had the Marxist left pitting people against each other in a divide-and-conquer kind of way, with true domestic terrorism that led to street violence and even bombings (some of which was accomplished by the Weather Underground, led by Obama buddy Bill Ayers). In 1983, the liberal left radicals exploded a bomb at the Capitol (one of the terrorists was BLM funding critter Susan Rosenberg). They tried to assassinate Ronald Reagan through a man named Hinckley who was riding a wave of hate against Reagan similar to Trump Derangement Syndrome of the last few years, and under President Clinton they sold our secrets to Communist China. They used violence, deception, and manipulation of the truth to shut down their opposition, in the hopes of silencing anti-left voices while encouraging an angry revolution that was designed to send America into a socialist revolution.

Liberty stands in the way of socialist oligarchs. American Freedom, the free market, and the Faith of Christians in this country are major obstacles that must be eliminated, or at best, silenced. Otherwise, the angry socialist revolution the Democrats and their Marxist allies have been trying to launch will never get off the ground.

In the past, the radicals of the sixties swung the pendulum so far to the left that it vaulted back in the other direction toward a Nixon landslide that stopped the leftist invasion for the time being.  It happened again with Reagan in the early eighties, and finally again with a big surprise in the Trump win over Hillary Clinton in 2016.
Pendulums swing, and the liberal left has not been happy about it.
So, after decades of practice of rigging elections to reflect wins for them in places like California, Colorado, and New Mexico, they decided it was time to steal the presidential election in 2020.  The steal was a success, barely, with the Democrats essentially gaining control of the entire federal government (as long as Trump appointees on the Supreme Court remain frightened enough to do what they are told).
They’ve done everything they can to infiltrate and steer this country towards the socialist utopia the Soviets and Communist Chinese have known would eventually come to America.  But, they are more in control, this time, so many folks who don’t necessarily agree with their leftist agenda have become forlorn, and have even thrown in the towel.  We have been so devastated by the stolen election, we seem to think the left is now endowed with super powers, and that they have become invincible.
Their anger, and their paranoia, tells us otherwise.  They are not as sure of their power as one might think.  Since they’ve gained their recent power they seem to be angrier than ever before, paranoid about their opposition to the extent that they are doing whatever they can to censor or silence any opposing view.  From social media censorship of conservative views to the rhetoric calling for the demise of Fox News, One America News and NewsMax, the liberal left seems to be enraged and irrational about their power.  During the unconstitutional impeachment trial the vile and angry Democrats spewed hate and anger in ways that was amazing.  They are worried because independent thought and individual opinion still exists, and much of it stands against them.
Any dissent is called misinformation, a word that seems to allow them to silence anyone who they feel falls in that category.  Questioning them is criminal, free speech is propaganda, and in the name of diversity everyone must uniformly think and speak the way they want us to.
The thing is, if you read the writings of the Founding Fathers, the First Amendment was written specifically to protect us from exactly what is happening.
Individualism and independent opinions are what serve as a check and balance against the aggression of tyranny.  Free speech about politics and religion protects those things from tyrannical control.
The Founding Fathers understood this because they understood totalitarianism.  Authoritarianism was nothing new.  The King wanted total control over them.  Tyranny kills thought and speech it doesn’t like.  Therefore, we should be thinking freely, and verbalizing and writing about it at will.  That’s how you fight against tyranny in its early stages.
Free speech and a free press is also a natural release valve that allows debate.  Without debate, some folks may take the argument to the next level.  Free speech and open debate is what staves off violence in the streets.
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