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(Note to reader: Yes, there are a whole slew of pictures from my visit to Frank Luntz’s house, but this is a double article, partially about Nick Adams’ FLAG, and part about the joy of touring Frank Luntz’s famous house).
Last year a friend of mine, who attended a FLAG event in Dallas, Texas, told me, “You’ve got to meet Nick Adams.  I am willing to bet he’ll want you on board as one of his researchers.”
My goal is simply to spread constitutional literacy, and if combining forces with a fellow constitutionalist will do that, then I am all for it.
The presentation regarding FLAG was the first on the West Coast since the inception of the organization in 2016.  At the event I got the chance not only meet Frank Luntz, and get a tour of his house, but to also talk with David Prager (son of Dennis Prager).  In my discussion with Nick, and later with his wife Sadie, I told them that while I am not one with much money, I have expertise to offer.  “Nobody,” I said, “knows the Constitution like I do.”
They accepted my business card, and a copy of my latest book, “A Promise of American Liberty.”
Now, let’s talk about Frank Luntz’s house.  Amazing does not capture my full feelings about it.  Incredible?  Still not enough.  It left me speechless.
As my wife and I walked up to the house, after leaving our car with the valet, we were greeted by Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson.

I found my friend, talked to a few people, was introduced to David Prager, and then realized the first of a couple tours was beginning and grabbed my wife by the hand so that we could see some of the house.  Frank Luntz proudly talked about each thing he could.  I made comment about how much he seemed to enjoy giving the tour.  He said he enjoyed it because he’s never been robbed.  If someone steals something, he may feel different about it.

Yes, that’s the uniform from the movie “The Natural”, among other famous things…

On this table and on the walls are too many things to point out, but among them is an original copy of Alexander Hamilton’s first budget for the country, an original copy of a congressional record from 1789, and various historical items from the revolutionary to remarkable items of my lifetime.

The book in Dr. Luntz’s hands is Hamilton’s first U.S. budget.

Centennial presidency . . .

Albert Einstein, anyone?

As we proceeded to another part of the house, we went through the kitchen, where the staff was working diligently on the great appetizers we had been munching on outside on the tennis court.

Luntz is also an avid sports fan . . .

Sports Bar . . .

Office of History and the books to prove it…

A number of patriotic paintings adorn his walls.


With secret openings and doorways that open when do special things to special objects (rub it like a genie’s lamp). . .

The murals as you walk into the game room:

Games, old magazines, and more Americana

I want bookshelves like his newsstand . . . panels upon panels of history

Wrong headlines all on one wall:

As darkness approached, we went outside for the presentation, led by Frank Luntz (with a few jokes and political questions asked by the audience) …

Followed by Nick Adams with his Australian accent (it amazes me how foreign born Americans sometimes know more about our Constitution and history than the average American) …

David Prager:

And after the event, more tour of the house:

Lincoln Bedroom:

Oval Office:

I could see me as President. 

Replica of the famous blue dress . . . stain and all:

A couple Bill Clinton jokes followed the revealing of the secret room with the blue dress …

I told him a couple, too.  He knew them.

Presidential bathroom with glass that clouds on command. . .

The billiards room… with more historical paraphernalia:

When on, it’s like actually going golfing:

Trump is not the only candidate promising to make America Great Again:

My wife modeling on his personal bowling alley:

Theater seating for the theater. . .

Even a little Russian History:

Navy Football … kick butt helmet:

The living room (see the books tucked behind the couches?)

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