By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

We are being told the details of the report could be released in a matter of weeks.  I am expecting the report to be damning against the Democrats, and to rip open a doorway into the deep state that the left (and possibly the Republican) establishment do not wish to be opened.

Former FBI Chief Jim Comey signed off on the first FISA application against Donald Trump, and he will probably be the person most damaged by the truth from the investigation.  Carter Page’s name will likely also be all over the report, as well as Andrew McCabe.

Remember, the whole FISA Warrant thing was based on the phony Russian dossier, which had been bankrolled by the Clintons.

The key here is that Comey swore when he signed the FISA applications that the information was true and correct, well knowing that the phony Russian dossier was a lie.  In other words, he lied when he applied for the FISA warrants.  No attempt to verify the dossier’s claims was ever even considered.

He lied, and used the FISA warrants as a way to attack the Trump campaign.  He committed pre-meditated fraud so as to be able to illegally spy on a presidential campaign because the candidate represented an ideology he did not agree with.

McCabe was Comey’s right hand man, but I believe he did more than merely lie and leak information.  Federal investigators are now making the decision on whether or not McCabe will be indicted.  Lisa Page may be the one who makes that decision, not directly, but through her lies and criminal activities.

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