Redcoat Mentality

By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

The government in place since the 2020 Irregularity Election is tyrannical, and after the false flag operation on January 6 at the U.S. Capitol where flash bangs and smoke was used for show, and the whole thing was a fake riot staged by leftist actors and manipulation by the law enforcement, a number of patriots who were in Washington D.C. on that morning, largely to see President Donald Trump speak, have been targeted by the Federal Bureau of Incompetency.  Two men who were targeted, treated as criminals, and had their homes raided were on my radio program recently (at the 18 minute mark).  One of those two men have recently been evicted because of the FBI raid, in which is landlord has labeled him as a committer of a hate crime.  We are working on a prayer breakfast to help him out.

Then, there is Alfredo Luna who was given the full treatment … for simply being present on January 6, and being a patriot.  He has been arrested, and detained.  For what?

How long before we begin to be arrested for daring to have a political opinion different than the Democrats?  How long before we are rounded up and placed in camps?  The FBI is already targeting peaceful Americans in the name of Domestic Terrorism.  We may be next.

Let’s pray about it, and do what we can to look out for each other.

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