By Douglas V. Gibbs

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Insanity is what the liberal left has wrought.  Their narrative has so sickened society that the followers of leftwing politics have become evil tools who can’t think for themselves, and can’t even operate in any realm of decency.  The latest case of unacceptable liberal left progressive madness emerged during a Republican campaign rally in Tennessee.  The Republican candidate is vying for the U.S. Senate and Representative Marsha Blackburn was holding a rally when during a moment of silence for the Pittsburgh Synagogue Victims from a recent shooting, protesters repeatedly disrupted the moment of silence, and the “liberal angry mob” even called Blackburn a “white supremacist”.  

While the liberal left loves to try to use the race card in their #resist movement, and do what they can to lump groups like white supremacists into the Republican tribe of conservatives, the reality is white supremacists tend to support large government control, which is actually a scheme that they share with the Democrats, not limited-government conservatives.

Besides, if Blackburn was a “white supremacist” of the fascist or Nazi type as Democrats have been screaming, why would she be having a moment of silence regarding the death of Jewish victims, or support a President that moved the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem?
Blackburn said, “How despicable that you cannot even have a moment of silence.”

Blackburn’s eleven minute speech revealed she is indeed a supporter of President Trump’s agenda, touting his administration’s accomplishments, including tax cuts and historically low unemployment numbers, while also vowing to advocate for the president’s agenda if she is elected to the Senate.

The Democrats have failed to denounce the evil act of interrupting the moment of silence.

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