By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

Considering how much the liberal left has been targeting, harassing, and investigating President Trump, it’s amazing how much he has gotten done.  Almost every part of President’s life is under investigation.  And, especially now that the Democrats will have the House of Representatives under their iron first once the turnover takes place in January, the attacks will increase, and the investigations will dominate his third year in office.

We have a president who loves this country, and none of the investigations have revealed what the Democrats have claimed to be the truth.  There is no evidence of collusion with the Russians, or that Donald J. Trump is anything other than a businessman who simply wishes to do what he thinks is the right thing when it comes to restoring American exceptionalism.

I wonder what his thoughts were as he strolled through the Arlington Memorial Cemetery, something I don’t remember Obama or Clinton ever doing . . . just because.

I am figuring Trump was simply understanding that the attacks are nothing more than fear in action, because the Democrats fear that Donald J. Trump is capable of stopping the century old coup that is designed to destroy our constitutional liberty, and head us towards socialism.  They, the liberal left progressive commie Democrats, are freaking out, and lashing out because they don’t know what else to do to stop the patriotic president.

The Democrats also know that often a president’s popularity is attached to the economy, and after downplaying the roaring economy we are experiencing under Trump’s watch, they have realized now they have to lie about it.  Bloomberg says Americans are turning pessimistic on the economy.  It doesn’t matter what is true, with the Democrats.  They only report what they think will help their agenda, and their lust for power.

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