By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

Originally, the electors were appointed by the State legislatures.  They began, for the most part, following the democratic vote of the people after 1828 under the urging of President Andrew Jackson, father of the Democratic Party, who believed that we should be a pure democracy (or at least a representative democracy).  Prior to that, the Electors voted independently, without any obligation to follow the vote of the people.  The job of the population was to lobby the electors for their candidates.  Since the change to the Electoral College was never done by amendment, technically, if the electors wanted to, they could still vote independently.  So, while the current thinking is that if the 2020 election is not resolved by the vote of the people (such as in a case of a 269-269 tie), the courts after a number of lawsuits are filed, or if there was massive voter fraud and it is believed the election is null and void because of it, which would then send the choice of President to the House of Representatives (1 vote per State), the reality is that if the electors wanted they could say the hell with the courts, and the voters, and in December when they meet they could vote as they wish, and that would technically be the election … regardless of the vote by the people, regardless of the fraud, and regardless of any court ruling.

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