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Video by a doctor … let’s see how long it takes for You Tube to shut this one down.

Here’s an alternative location for this video in case You Tube takes this one down: 

A couple takeaways:

Social distancing never scientifically based, comes from a suggestion by a kid’s high school project.

In quarantine the sick are to be isolated, kept indoors, and away from others; not the healthy.

Masks are intended for the ill, multiple health authorities agree that there is no scientific justification for normal, healthy people to be wearing face masks.  In fact, the prolonged use of a mask actually increases the chance of getting a disease to the wearer.  People tend to touch their faces much more when wearing a mask, and we wind up re-breathing particles we have exhaled.

Most masks being used are not capable of fully dissipating carbon dioxide exhaled, so when we breathe back in we wind up breathing in more carbon dioxide than is healthy for us.

Habitual wearing of a mask decreases a person’s immune system response.  Being exposed to things is what keeps our immune systems on alert, and better able to fight off infection or disease.

If you overuse masks or hand sanitizers your immune system response reduces because it is not being alerted by engaging in foreign particles, bacteria, or viruses.  As the old saying goes, use it or lose it.

Coronavirus cannot survive in temperatures above 70 degrees or in sunlight.

COVID-19 is not as contagious as being advertised.  Continually disinfecting surfaces not necessary, it cannot survive very long on surfaces.

Children simply haven’t been becoming sick from this virus, nor are carriers as being advertised.

Herd immunity may be the best approach.  Let people be exposed to the disease so that they can develop anti-bodies naturally.

Herd immunity with children is especially important since they have low risk now, but will have anti-bodies for future exposures at an older age if they become infected with the coronvirus now.

Waiting for a vaccine before we go forward with our lives makes no sense.

Failing to trust our own immune systems has been a large failure when it comes to the policies regarding COVID-19.

Healthy people wearing masks, avoiding social gatherings, and disinfecting the legs of chairs and doorknobs and window seals was not necessary before COVID-19, and it’s not necessary now.

Policies in place regarding COVID-19 are unfounded, not based on scientific evidence, and frankly have been damaging to the lives of millions of Americans.

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