By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

As discussed on Constitution Radio: May 15, 2021…


conservative: it is your choice to assess the situation and decide for yourself
based on your perception of the risks if you should wear a mask or go out into public based on your health.

progressive: you are not smart enough to make decisions regarding your health so we will force you to
comply with our assessment.


conservative: life is precious, and people have a right to life no matter the stage
of their development. 

Progressive, babies in the womb have no right to life, besides,
people who are not wealthy elites are not smart enough to raise their children properly.


conservative: id is necessary because some people are willing to cheat to win elections.

Progressive: voter id is racist because some people of color are not smart enough to get an ID.


conservatives: a safety net should be pnly administered at the state level,
and it should be a temporary tool available because sometimes people get into a tough situation.

Progressives: welfare systems should be administered by the federal government with as
few obstacles as possible and people should be allowed to use it indefinitely because poor people
are not smart enough to figure out how to get ahead.

Right to keep and bear arms: 

conservatives: government is kept honest when the people are armed.

Progressive: you are not smart enough to own firearms. Only people who don’t follow the law and
government should be allowed to have guns.

Freedom of speech: 

conservatives: a difference of opinion and being able to voice our
opinions is among the principles of liberty. 

Progressives: you are not smart enough to
have an opinion so if you voice an opinion different than ours we will censor you.

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