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Memorial Day Weekend was a success.  People gathered by the hundreds of thousands.  I don’t know about how many of the people actually mourned our fallen, but when it came to getting out and being life loving individuals in this age of coronavirus totalitarian lockdown, the people were out in droves, defying the dictators, gathering together in large masses, and not wearing masks.  And the liberal left was beside itself in anger.  The Democrats warn there will be a vicious spike in COVID-19 cases in a couple weeks.  I can’t wait until they realize they were wrong.  Or, maybe they will make up some numbers to cover up their lie, like they’ve done with the number of deaths from the coronavirus, or how they’ve covered up the anti-body studies that show a large portion of the population had the disease, but it was so mild, they never realized it.

This is not The Plague.  It is not some super-virus from video games or the movies.  The disease is not much of a problem, in reality.  It never was.  The authoritarians taking advantage of it to keep you from being a liberty loving individual has been the problem.  We’ve protested.  We’ve been defiant.  We’ve even followed some of the ridiculous, unscientific rules that the left says is based on science.  In the end, the truth is, it is a minor disease that may be nasty for a small handful of folks who wind up symptomatic, all of which had other underlying health issues, by the way, but the reality is the States that locked down early and aggressively are no better off than States that did not lock down at all.

We need to go outside.  We need to enjoy the sun, enjoy each other’s company, and quit running and hiding from a disease that is less likely to kill you than you are likely to be struck by lightning.

I was watching a movie with my grandkids the other day called The Pagemaster.  It is about a kid who is always quoting statistics and is afraid to do anything fun or adventurous because he is so afraid of getting hurt, or worse.  The moral of the film?  Go out and live your life, and don’t run and hide from everything because there’s a minor chance you might get stung.

By the way, the 1994 film was produced in part by Turner Feature Animation, which is a part of the Turner Broadcasting System, which is owned by, you got it, big time liberal left Democrat loony Ted Turner.

The liberal left has changed their attitude in the face of a fake pandemic, because a narrative of panic and hysteria is better for their agenda.

It goes back to what I say on my radio program, all the time.  “What is the answer to any question?  Whatever benefits the liberal left Democrats the most at the moment, even if it contradicts what they said ten minutes ago.”

Not going outside and being a part of life, for some people, leads them to depression, and even suicide.  While the leftists claim they are saving a life here and there from COVID-19 with their stay at home policies, how many people are suffering and dying as a result of the policies?  How many people are in pain because they can’t receive elective surgeries that have been delayed because the empty hospitals have been expecting a huge spike in coronavirus patients?

This is not about a virus as much as it is about control, and dividing America.

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