By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host
To be honest, I am sick of writing about, and talking about (on my radio program) the coronavirus, but it is the main topic in the news, so it is necessary.  Here is my take on it all in a quick short version:

  • I believe the COVID-19 virus was created in a lab.
  • I believe the coronavirus was designed to be a pandemic, with the hopes it would launch a “community-first, Marxist-style” narrative upon the world.
  • I believe a milder form of the disease, than planned, was released, but the hysteria was still needed as if it was a massive Spanish Flu-style killer.
  • I believe the media and political liberal left progressives have overblown the situation in the hopes of creating fear, and opening up the opportunity to install authoritarian mechanisms that could reshape the world into a more socialist looking model (while killing Trumpism, and any other movements based on sovereignty and individuality).
  • President Trump did not shut down pandemic centers around the world as we are being told by the liberal left (Politifact, Political Pistachio).
  • Only 18% of those who have been confirmed to have the coronavirus develop major symptoms, 82% are either asymptomatic or have mild symptoms (Washington Post).
  • Only 20% of the passengers on the Diamond Princess cruise ship contracted the coronavirus infection, despite the fact we are being told it is three times as contagious as the seasonal flu (Real Conservatives Unite).
  • The mortality rate of the coronavirus (COVID-19) is a half of a percent lower than that of the seasonal flu (College Fix).
  • Worldwide, hospitals are largely empty, and are not being overrun with coronavirus cases (Citizen Free Press).
  • Healthcare workers are being threatened with being fired if they tell the truth about the coronavirus (Business Insider).
  • Predictions about coronavirus hospitalizations have turned out to be 400% too high (Western Journal).
  • When President Trump called for a day of prayer regarding the coronavirus, the liberal left’s response was “F**K Trump’s Day of Prayer.
  • President Trump was not slow to react to the coronavirus (Trump’s Timeline of Actions regarding coronavirus).
  • The World Health Organization (WHO) gave out false information about the coronavirus, including a guess regarding the mortality rate that was based on bad arithmetic (Gateway Pundit).
  • WHO, early on, said we had nothing to worry about, then later claimed the world was slow to react (BizPacReview).
  • Broadcasters who dare to disagree with the official narrative are being fired (New York Times).
  • Quarantine actions by governors are unconstitutional, including against their state constitutions (California Globe).
  • The Democrats are using the coronavirus with the hopes to restructure America to fit their hard left agenda (National Review).
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